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21 Best Restaurants in Guelph, ON To Try This Week

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If you’re on the hunt for good eats in Guelph, Ontario, you’re in the right place. Guelph has some fantastic spots we absolutely love, from cozy joints to more upscale options. Here are 21 of the best restaurants in Guelph for every budget!

Baker Street Station

Housed in a beautifully restored train station, Baker Street Station is a local favorite restaurant with its gastropub vibe.

Here, you’ll find comfort food in a cozy setting – like craft brews, gourmet burgers, and more. It’s the perfect spot for a casual dinner.

P.S: Their Hot Turkey Sandwich tastes like Thanksgiving!

Miijidaa Cafe+Bistro

Miijidaa Cafe+Bistro stands out as one of the best restaurants in downtown Guelph. The bistro brings together modern Canadian dishes with influences from Indigenous cooking and international cuisine.

They’re known for their bison burgers and creative vegetarian options and are focused on sourcing sustainable ingredients. Their seasonally inspired dishes are a must-try!

Fun fact: the name “Miijidaa” means “let’s eat” in Ojibwe.

Borealis Grille & Bar

Try a bite of Guelph at this cozy restaurant in Guelph. They emphasize local ingredients in classic dishes that reflect the Canadian spirit.

Personally, we looooove their Pesto Mushroom Flatbread, which features house-made hemp seed pesto, roasted mushrooms, garlic, goat cheese, mozzarella, and arugula.

Aberfoyle Mill Restaurant

Serving incredible dishes in what was once a mill, this restaurant combines history with fine dining. From juicy steaks that practically melt in your mouth to the freshest seafood, they really know how to do food right.

The dishes are elegant and it’s one of our favorites for a special night out – it’s definitely one the best restaurant in Guelph!

Outdoor Options: On a nice day, ask to be seated on their patio!

Crafty Ramen

For slurp-worthy bowl of noodles in Guelph, we like Crafty Ramen! Here’s a video that shows you how they make their noodles and why it’s a restaurant worth visiting in Guelph.

Pro tip: their “Meat Lover 2.0” ramen is one of the best foods you can eat while visiting Guelph!

Bread Bar

Grab a seat at Bread Bar, renowned for their farm-to-table approach and vast selection of sandwiches, salads, and artisanal pizzas.

If you have the chance to try their cauliflower dip.. do it!

The Wooly Pub

A true local favorite for a laid-back meal with friends. Enjoy local beer and pub classics in a friendly atmosphere. The pub is renowned for its diverse menu, featuring a mix of traditional pub fare and inventive dishes.. like Tot-Cho’s (tater tots loaded with all the usual nacho toppings).

Beyond the food though, the pub always has friendly service, so we love it as a place to meet up with friends and chat for hours.

Buon Gusto Restaurant

Enjoy the best Italian food in Guelph at Buon Gusto Restaurant, sporting a menu that’s a true ode to Italy. One of my favorite desserts is the classic tiramisu, and they sure make a good one here!

We also recommend the Calabrian roasted shrimp for appetizers their bolognese pasta made with farm-raised boar!

Manhattans Guelph

Tucked away in downtown Guelph, Manhattans has this effortlessly cool atmosphere that makes it the go-to spot for a laid-back night out. It’s a music bistro that serves up an assortment of food and drinks while you listen to a live band.

As for the food, we like their burgers and pasta dishes (always hits the spot!). But if you’re not into that, their menu’s got a bit of everything like this Seared Scottish Organic Salmon Risotto – which is why we think it’s one of the best restaurants in Guelph.

Queen’s Cafe

Don’t skip on Queen’s Cafe if you’re looking for a great spot for beef short ribs! This is a great Guelph lunch spot for hearty, classic cooking.

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Guelph

For steak lovers, The Keg Steakhouse + Bar is one of the best restaurants in Guelph to order perfectly prepared steaks in a comfortable setting. They’ve got all the classic cuts and the restaurant ambiance is super inviting.


Head to Cora for the best breakfast in Guelph! Their menu features colorful array of fruit crepes and pancakes made from scratch, great for lazy Saturdays or if you have kids!

And while they’re most known for their crepes, they also make fantastic eggs benedict!

The Works Craft Burgers & Beer

Sometimes, you just need a good burger, you know? The Works Craft Burgers & Beer offers burgers galore with creative toppings that are all so delicious! Down it with some beer and you’re good to go!

Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill – Guelph

Steakhouse lovers may also want to swing by Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill for a game night accompanied by great grills. This is where sports and steak fans unite!

Symposium Cafe Restaurant Guelph

Start your morning with a visit to Symposium Cafe, where you’ll find a variety of breakfast options. Think about sinking your teeth into an avocado toast, or keeping it classic with eggs and hash browns.

If you don’t want breakfast, they also serve lunch and dinner – and don’t forget about their delicious carrot cake!

Na-Ha-Thai’s Kitchen

For some authentic Thai flavors that won’t strain your wallet, head to Na-Ha-Thai’s Kitchen. They have authentic food and their Chicken Satay and warm Southern Thai Pork Curry hit the spot (especially during the winter season).

Eric the Baker

A go-to for grabbing a quick, inexpensive, yet scrumptious pastry. It’s one of our favorite bakeries in Guelph and they have options for vegans and those who are gluten-free. Make sure to try their cookies and scones!

Helmand Kabab House

If you’re craving something savory and filling, Helmand Kabab House offers large servings of Middle Eastern cuisine at reasonable prices. It’s one of the best Guelph restaurants for the authenticity of the food they serve. A great neighbourhood restaurant overall!

Kirtida Kitchen

For an affordable Indian lunch and takeout, this is the Indian restaurant to visit in Guelph!

Tangy and Tasty

Great food that are both economical and satisfying. Tangy & tasty sells cheap shawarma that doesn’t skimp on fillings.

We love the hybrid shawarma wrap (chicken and beef mixed together) that are stuffed to the brim with fresh veggies and a homemade tzatziki sauce. So good!

Bonus: Bliss Dough

For dessert, how about some raw cookie dough in all the flavors you can imagine? Yes please!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some must-try downtown restaurants in Guelph?

In downtown Guelph, you’ll discover places like Buon Gusto Restaurant with its authentic Italian offerings, making it a definite must-try spot.

Where can I find hidden culinary gems in Guelph?

Guelph is dotted with underrated eateries waiting to be found. Start with this list, and don’t be afraid to ask the locals!

Which places are recommended for a great lunch in Guelph?

For a lunch that will hit the spot, consider visiting the likes of Miijidaa Cafe+Bistro, known for its blend of Canadian and global flavors offering a filling midday meal.

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