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11 Best Whole30 Cookbooks That Actually Taste Good

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Whether you’re here because this is your first time doing (or considering) Whole30, or you are a seasoned pro, having a good Whole30 cookbook is guaranteed to inspire your inner chef and help you discover the most delicious recipes for healthy meals.

These fan-favorite Whole30 Cookbooks are filled with tons of recipes for healthy meals, and many are written by best-selling authors. We’ve tested each of these cookbooks and can vouch that the foods here actually taste delicious – no bland dinners here! Seriously, the cookbooks featured on this list are truly some of the best Whole30 cookbooks this year.

What is Whole30?

What is Whole30, you ask? Simply put, Whole30 is a 30-day elimination diet designed to reset your body and gut. It was created by Melissa Hartwig Urban and Dallas Hartwig, both of whom were looking for a fresh start to their eating habits. 

Whole30 entails avoiding certain foods that are known to cause inflammation and cravings which negatively affect your health.

The idea behind this diet is that by eliminating these foods for a period of thirty days, you not only give your gut a chance to reset and return to an optimal state of functioning, but you also allow yourself time to quit your unhealthy eating habits for good, experience fewer cravings, and learn to think about food in a healthier way. 

Consider it a fresh start for your body and a path toward creating a healthy relationship with food.

Why Should I Do Whole30?

Let me start by saying I am an advocate for everyone trying Whole30 at least once. 

I did my first Whole30 about four years ago and had the most amazing experience! Seriously, I am not exaggerating when I tell you I lost 17.5 lbs and 3 inches in my waist. 

The most impressive result for me personally, however, was not the weight loss. I was most surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it and how much better I felt.

Honestly, I had never had much success with “fad diets” in the past, and I usually found myself quitting most diet plans I attempted. It felt as though I was continually failing diets and always searching for the “right thing.” 

Whole30, however, didn’t feel like a diet to me. Was it challenging? Sure! Unlike most diets, though, Whole30 was easier for me to maintain because I started to feel so much better almost immediately. 

The noticeable difference in my energy levels and mental clarity alone made me want to keep going, not to mention the better sleep I was getting and the changes I could see happening to my body.

Why Do I Need Whole30 Cookbooks?

Lately, I have been feeling the itch to start my next Whole30. I find myself snacking more than I prefer to, and I have certainly been craving sweets more than I know is healthy for me.

Now is really a perfect time to start another thirty days, as I know I will form new healthy habits by the time the holiday season rolls around. I have discovered the key for me to stay consistent in my eating habits while still enjoying the holiday season is to have a plan and stick to it. 

Take my word when I tell you one of the best ways to be successful in Whole30 and stick with it is to find some tasty recipes for healthy meals you are excited to cook and eat!

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up the best Whole30 cookbooks available in 2023:

Best Whole30 Cookbook with Simple Recipes for Busy Families: The Defined Dish: Whole30 Endorsed, Healthy and Wholesome Weeknight Recipes

This one is dedicated to all the busy moms out there. If weeknight dinners are your family’s favorite way to spend quality time together, this Whole30 cookbook is your best bet.

The Whole30-compliant recipes included are delicious yet simple, and are sure to be a hit with the whole family.

One reviewer dubbed it the best cookbook they have purchased in years.

Many of the dishes included are also delicious paleo recipes for those looking to follow a Whole30 and Paleo diet. 

Best Whole30 Cookbook for Slow Cookers and Instant Pot Recipes: The Whole30 Slow Cooker

I truly and wholeheartedly love my slow cooker. Seriously, I could write a love letter to it. I work full-time, so my slow cooker is my best friend during the workweek. It allows me to cook and serve delicious meals without me having to spend hours in the kitchen each evening when I get home from work.

I consider myself the kind of person who works smarter, not harder, so one-pot recipes are my jam, and I know countless other people feel the same way.  

I wish I would have known about this cookbook filled with delicious slow cooker recipes when I did this the first time around, but I will definitely be purchasing this one for my second Whole30.

It includes 150 slow cooker recipes with lots of bold flavors, so you should have no trouble finding plenty that sounds delicious to your taste buds.

The best part? One reviewer states the ingredients for these delicious meals are probably things you already have in your pantry, making this one of the best Whole30 cookbooks for slow-cookers!

If you are a slow-cooker fan like me, this should be the first cookbook you turn to when you start Whole30.

Best Whole30 Cookbook for Kindles and E-readers: No Crumbs Left: Whole30 Recipes for Everyday Food

A Whole30 cookbook filled with recipes for delicious, good food and I don’t even have to store it in the cabinet? Of course, we had to include this cookbook as one of the best Whole30 cookbooks this year.

This Whole30 e-cookbook written by Teri Turner is a perfect solution to sticking to your Whole30 diet, and it can be easily stored on your trusted E-reader such as an Amazon Kindle or iPad.

The photos are beautiful, and the format is simple and organized.

As an added bonus, lots of recipes included are paleo compliant as well.

Best Whole30 Cookbooks for Beginners: The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom Hardcover

If you’re looking for the ultimate best Whole30 cookbook to get started, this is it.

This best-selling book is the original Whole30 book – and it includes lots of Whole30 compliant recipes. So obviously, we had to include this book as one of the best Whole30 cookbooks of all time!

This book boasts an in-depth introduction to the groundbreaking Whole30 program, a step-by-step plan to break unhealthy habits, excellent advice for staying focused, and healthy recipes for your entire 30 days!

With over 1.5 million copies sold and over 13,000 reviews on Amazon, this Whole30 cookbook is truly one of the best options out there and is guaranteed to be a great starting point to create new healthy habits.

You’ll find yourself coming back to this cookbook again and again!

Best Budget-Friendly Whole30 Cookbook: 30 Day Whole Food Cookbook For Beginners: 700 Simple, Easy and Delicious Recipes to Help You Succeed with 30-Day Diet Meal Plan

If you’re on a tight budget but you still want to own one of the best Whole30 cookbooks, the 30 Days Whole Foods Cookbook for Beginners is an amazing deal.

It includes a lot of great recipes for delicious food (over 700 to be exact), and the Kindle version is only $2.99!

You can also opt for the paperback version for $10.99 if you prefer – that is still barely more than a penny per recipe!

One reviewer states this cookbook is great for beginners as it contains simple recipes and charts.  

It is worth noting that a few reviewers do mention some of the recipes use non-compliant Whole30 ingredients such as cheese, but these can easily be omitted or substituted.

Still, with many other recipes to choose from, you should have no trouble finding as many fully compliant Whole30 recipes!

Best Whole30 Cookbook for Special Occasions: The Whole30 Friends & Family: 150 Recipes for Every Social Occasion

Chances are good that you’ll have at least one occasion during your Whole30 experience when you are hosting dinner parties, entertaining family or friends, or serving a large group.

This party-friendly cookbook is perfect for healthy, Whole30-compliant recipes that will be a hit among your guests. It has 4.6 stars on Amazon and is one to impress.

I absolutely love the lime-garlic hot wings recipe. It’s such a crowd-pleaser and delicious even for those who are not on Whole30!

Best Whole30 Cookbooks for Easy Lunches: The Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook: 150 Simply Delicious Everyday Recipes for Your Whole30

If you’re anything like me, you put significantly more effort into cooking dinner than preparing lunch. Who has time to cook fancy lunches while working all day? 

This is honestly one of the best Whole30 cookbooks with quick recipes.

One reviewer stated that most of the recipes are “much less time-consuming” than other Whole30 recipes. This makes it a fantastic option for busy individuals doing Whole30.

Don’t mistake quick for boring, though, because these healthy recipes are nothing short of amazing!

BBQ-pulled-chicken lettuce wraps, curry chicken salad, and no-rice spicy tuna rolls are just a few of the delicious dishes you can make with this Whole30 cookbook.

Best Whole30 Cookbook for Meal Prepping: The 30 Day Whole Foods Meal Prep Cookbook

I will admit, I am pretty decent at meal planning, but not so much at meal prepping.

I always find myself running out of ideas or getting bored with my current line-up of pre-prepared meals for a busy week.

With this cookbook, you will have 50+ Whole30 compliant meal prep recipes made out of healthy, whole foods that will spice up your meal prepping game while on Whole30.

Busy home cooks rave about how simple these recipes are too, which is always a win!

Quick, simple, delicious, AND healthy? Count me in!

Best Whole30 Cookbook for Whole30 Repeaters: Cooking Whole30: Over 150 Delicious Recipes for the Whole30 & Beyond

If you’re ready to do Whole30 for the second, third, or even tenth time, this New York Times Bestseller cookbook is a great resource to step up your Whole30 cooking game.

It includes a quick refresher on Whole30 rules and new recipes for everything from sauces and sides to main dishes.

It even includes “recipe remixes” designed to turn one dish into two or three different meals such as switching a stir-fry meal into a delicious soup with the same flavors. 

Most Engaging Whole30 Cookbook: Buck Naked Kitchen: Whole30 Endorsed: Radiant and Nourishing Recipes to Fuel Your Health Journey

Written by holistic nutritionist, blogger, and social media influencer, Kirsten Buck, this Whole30 cookbook is beautiful from cover to cover.

The pages are filled with gorgeous pictures of the recipes and ingredients.

I could spend hours looking at this cookbook!

If you’re anything like me, food is more fun to eat when it’s pretty. So naturally, the visual elements and actually delicious recipes in Buck Naked Kitchen: Whole30 Endorsed check all the boxes of what I would consider the best Whole30 cookbooks.

One reviewer described it as “stunning,” and another commented that it is “beautiful from start to finish.”

Best Audiobook to Pair with Whole30 Cookbooks: It Starts with Food

Okay so technically, this one isn’t necessarily a cookbook. But in a tech-savvy world where podcasts and audiobooks are all the rage, this Whole30 audiobook is a great resource to pair with your Whole30 cookbooks and a great accompaniment for your daily commute.

You will get an in-depth explanation of the Whole30 lifestyle, a ton of information about Whole30 compliant foods, and daily motivation to make it through the program. 

It is read by best-selling authors and co-creators of the Whole30, Melissa Hartwig Urban and Dallas Hartwig. It’s packed with expert guidance for completing Whole30 with a heavy emphasis on why Whole30 works.

One reviewer wrote that it was “truly life-changing.”

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Author Notes on the Best Whole30 Cookbooks

Whether you are new to Whole30 or have made the program a permanent lifestyle, these are the best Whole30 cookbooks you could find in 2023.

But in case you’re looking for more, check out these other Whole30 cookbooks!

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