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Hexclad Review – Is The Cookware Brand Worth It?

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You’ve likely heard the buzz about HexClad. It’s the pan that promises to do it all: strong like stainless steel and as easy to clean as nonstick. But does it really check all the boxes? In this Hexclad review, we’ve compared Hexclad with our go-to stainless steel and nonstick pans, to give you the unfiltered truth. Let’s start!

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HexClad Review Key Takeaways

  • HexClad uses a combination of stainless steel and nonstick materials in their cookware.
  • The pans are designed to be easier to clean than traditional stainless steel options – we’ve found this to be true!
  • HexClad is priced in the middle-high tier, ranging around $100-$200.
  • Here’s Why You Might Want This Pan
  • We noticed that HexClad’s searing performance didn’t quite live up to the hype. However, it does a better job at searing meats, fish, and veggies compared to other nonstick pans.
  • The true strength of HexClad lies in its durability. Nonstick pans generally have a short lifespan, but this hybrid pan is built to last much longer.
  • HexClad pans release even the stickiest of foods as well as any nonstick pan, but their toughness is what sets them apart. If you love cooking with nonstick cookware or tend to be rough with your pans, investing in a HexClad will save you from frequently replacing them.

HexClad Hybrid Cookware

What We Appreciate

  • Effortless food release similar to traditional nonstick cookware
  • Exceptional durability compared to other nonstick options
  • Compatibility with metal utensils
  • Convenient cleaning process
  • Consistent heat distribution

What We Don’t Appreciate

  • Slightly inferior searing performance compared to stainless steel. However, it does a better job at searing meats, fish, and veggies compared to other nonstick pans.

What is HexClad Cookware?

HexClad cookware is a unique fusion of PFOA-free nonstick material and stainless steel, laser-etched into a honeycomb pattern. This innovative design features slightly raised stainless steel lines with nonstick material set back into hexagonal shapes. We find that this combination allows for high surface heat when searing foods while also protecting the nonstick surface from damage by metal utensils and everyday use.

Central to HexClad cookware is its lightweight aluminum core, which is an excellent heat conductor. Despite its lightweight core, a 10-inch HexClad pan weighs around 3 pounds, making it heavier than most nonstick and three-ply stainless steel skillets.

As a versatile cookware line, HexClad offers various products, including frying pans, which we tested. These sturdy pans have ergonomic, stay-cool handles, and they are safe for both dishwasher and oven use up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

HexClad vs. Stainless Steel

While exploring alternatives to stainless steel and cast iron cookware, we wanted to see how well HexClad handles searing meats and veggies in comparison to stainless steel pans.

Although HexClad performed better than the average nonstick skillet, it didn’t quite achieve the searing results of a high-quality stainless steel pan.

For example, we cooked breakfast sausage links in the pan and the crust formed using the stainless steel pan was much better than the crust formed using the HexClad pan. After cooking for two minutes on each side, we noticed a significant difference in the crust.

Easier to Clean Than Stainless

We found that although HexClad may not sear as effectively as traditional stainless steel, it is definitely simpler to clean.

In fact, it’s comparable to cleaning Teflon or other nonstick pans. All it takes is a quick rinse with warm water and a couple of sponge swipes, and it looks spotless.

This makes it particularly convenient for cooking delicate foods like eggs, which typically require less scrubbing with steel wool or other harsh cleaning tools.

HexClad vs. Nonstick

During our cooking experiments, we used a HexClad pan and a traditional nonstick pan to compare their performances. We did the scrambled eggs test to see how well the pans compared.

We found that the HexClad pan was able to cook the eggs just as effectively as the traditional nonstick skillet – they glided effortlessly in both pans. When done, the eggs came off the pans easily without any residue left behind.

Overall, HexClad pans are just as efficient in releasing sticky foods as other nonstick cookware while maintaining optimal temperature control for cooking at various heat levels. Hexclad pans also sear better than nonstick pans.

More Durable than Nonstick

We’ve found that HexClad cookware can resist wear and tear, even from metal utensils, which could typically damage nonstick pans.

During our testing, we didn’t observe any chipping or visible deterioration of the nonstick coating in a month.

When we tried using a metal spatula on it, the raised steel guards effectively protected the more sensitive nonstick material. This makes HexClad cookware a reliable option for easy cleaning, and it doesn’t contain perfluorooctanoic acid, unlike some other nonstick cookware.

My Review of the HexClad Cookware I Own

10″ HexClad Hybrid Pan

We tried out the HexClad Hybrid Pan, often called the Rolls Royce of pans, in order to see if it could sear like stainless steel while releasing food like a nonstick pan. The HexClad 10-inch hybrid pans have garnered positive reviews, with the majority of customers praising their versatility and performance. And when we tried it, we did find it to live up to all the positive reviews.

This pan measures approximately 10 inches in diameter, 2 inches in height, and 3 pounds in weight. The 10″ HexClad Hybrid Pan is the real deal—durable, versatile, and easy to clean.

Some things to note about the HexClad pan:

  • Searing capabilities: HexClad’s hybrid pan can cook food similarly to stainless steel cookware, gripping food well enough to obtain a nice sear on meats.
  • Nonstick properties: Its surface isn’t completely smooth (it has a “hex” pattern), which allows for easier food release than traditional nonstick pans.
  • Compatibility: It’s suitable for metal cooking utensils, which is great!

HexClad Hybrid 10 QT Stock Pot

We found the Hexclad Hybrid 10 QT Stock Pot impressive in its performance. It heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly – fantastic for simmering soups and stews.

This pot has a three-layer construction with a non-stick, hexagon-patterned inner layer for easy cooking. It works on induction, gas, or electric.

We found that the dimension of 15.5″ x 7.5″ also makes it great for preparing large dishes at family gatherings.

HexClad Hybrid 12″ Griddle Pan

For those of you who often make crepes or pancakes, we suggest giving HexClad’s 12-inch griddle a shot. We loved using this griddle pan, especially for making breakfast. It cooked bacon and sausages evenly without the need for excessive oil.

And unlike some non-stick pans that can’t handle high heat, this one lets you get a nice sear on your meats and effortless release for pancakes.

We like the size of the griddle and how it lets you use metal spatulas without worrying about damaging the nonstick coating.

HexClad 12″ Hybrid Wok

Finally, the Hexclad wok was a game-changer for our stir-fry dishes.

Vegetables were cooked evenly, and the non-stick surface made tossing ingredients much easier. The 12-inch wok measures approximately 11.8 inches at its upper diameter, 5.9 inches at its bottom diameter, and 3.5 inches in height.

We found that the wok had an even heat distribution and is versatile for cooking stews, stir-fries, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should we look for the best HexClad deals?

The best place to find good deals on HexClad sets would either be on the HexClad website or through Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you may benefit from their customer-friendly return policy and possibly save on shipping costs.

What’s the professional chef’s take on HexClad?

Gordon Ramsey, a renowned chef, has called HexClad the Rolls Royce of pans. However, it is unclear whether this endorsement is purely based on performance or influenced by marketing tactics.

Are HexClad pans safe for cooking?

HexClad pans contain PTFE, which is commonly used in non-stick cookware. As long as the pans are used and maintained correctly, they are considered safe.

Do HexClad pans work with induction stoves?

Yes, HexClad pans are compatible with induction cooktops. They have a stainless steel base that makes them suitable for induction cooking.

Why might food stick to our HexClad pan?

Food sticking to a HexClad pan could be due to a lack of proper seasoning. To prevent food from sticking, make sure that your pans are seasoned according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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