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Diet Direct Review & Unboxing

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Looking into purchasing a Diet Direct plan? This Diet Direct review will detail their Wonderslim Premium 4 Week Diet Program for Women. This article was written by one of our team members Alex, who received a box to try. She will include an unboxing of the products she received, and share an overview of Diet Direct and the plan options, Wonderslim products, meals included, cost, and more. 

What is Diet Direct?

Diet Direct is a diet company that offers customers a variety of weight loss programs and supplements to help them lose weight. Diet Direct is the founder of the Wonderslim Diet Plan.  Their weight loss and wellness plans are designed to help customers lose weight with high-protein foods.

The Diet Direct website offers individual products in addition to the plans, so you can choose what works best for you.

Their entire line of WonderSlim products is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How Does Diet Direct Work?

Diet Direct offers three versions of their weight-loss plan, including Basic, Core, and Premium tiers.  The difference between these options is the number of meals included in the plan.

You can choose the duration of the diet plan you wish to purchase, with the shortest option being one week and the longest being twelve weeks. Their four-week premium plan includes 196 meals. 

All Diet Direct plans are designed for you to consume meal-replacement shakes throughout the morning and afternoon accompanied with snacks or Diet Direct meals such as pasta, cereal, oatmeal, and desserts. For dinner, you can cook your own meal, it just needs to include two lean protein servings, three vegetables, a starch serving, and two optional servings. 

What Does A Day of Diet Direct Meals Look Like?

There is quite a bit of flexibility in how you choose to consume your meals each day with Diet Direct.

Here is an example of what a day of meals might look like in the WonderSlim PREMIUM 4 Week Diabetic Plan for women, according to the Diet Direct website:

How Much Does Diet Direct Cost?

With a wide range of options for the duration and intensity of your Diet Direct plan, there is also a variety of price points.

For example, the shortest option on the Basic plan costs $69.99 ($2.33 per meal), and the longest Premium plan option costs $704.00 ($1.20 per meal).

My Personal Diet Direct Review

I (Alex) was really excited to try out the 4-week Premium Plan. Unfortunately, it was not the right fit for me. Personally, I felt like the plan included too many protein shakes for me. As someone who loves cooking and eating different kinds of foods, I think I felt frustrated by having to consume the same things over and over again, especially since I had the 4-week plan. 

I did really enjoy the protein bars, especially the chocolate peanut butter one! These made a great snack and I’d definitely eat them again.

That being said, I do also know that a lot of people have done well on the program. I think that if you don’t mind a lot of structure and virtually no cooking, you’ll do fine in this program. However, if you are used to eating fresh meals and like variety, maybe stick with the shorter duration.

Diet Direct is a very comprehensive weight-loss plan, and almost everything you need is included, so it takes a lot of the meal planning process out. It might be a good fit for someone who finds meal planning and prepping for weight loss overwhelming, or someone who does not have time to cook healthy meals. Ultimately, it is all about finding what is best for you!

Have you tried a Diet Direct plan? If so, what did you think about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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