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My TokyoTreat Review – Here’s What I Got!

tokyotreat box filled with snacks and a pamphlet titled Fruity Fall
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This TokyoTreat review is not sponsored but may contain affiliate links. All opinions are 100% Alex’s based on her personal experience with the popular Japanese Snack Subscription Box. In this review, she will share her experience with Tokyo Treat’s November 2021 box.

I have always been fascinated with Japanese snacks. Growing up, I loved Hello Kitty, and this sparked a small obsession with Japanese treats and food. 

Japanese snacks are a cult favorite for a reason. From sweet to sour to savory snacks, people all over the world go crazy for Japanese drinks, snacks, and candy: for good reasons! 

Japanese culture also makes these snacks fun with the traditional designs and bright popping colors on the packaging. Japanese snacks are honestly just fun all around!

Up until recently, I had no idea a Japanese snack subscription box existed. I happen to love subscription boxes, so when I found out about the TokyoTreat subscription box, it was a jackpot for me!

In this article, I will be sharing my full TokyoTreat subscription box review based on my experience with their recent box. This will include the quality of the Japanese snack subscriptions box as a whole, as well as what I thought of the individual snacks included.

I’ll also share general details such as price, subscription plans, and everything else you need to know about the TokyoTreat subscription box.

Summary of This Tokyo Treat Review

What is Tokyo Treat?

TokyoTreat is a monthly subscription box program that curates always-changing selections of Japanese snacks. They ship these boxes from Japan straight to your door for you to try and enjoy!

The mission of TokyoTreat’s snack box subscription service is to allow people all over the world to enjoy popular Japanese snacks as well as new and different snacks they may not have discovered on their own.

We at TokyoTreat desire to spread the love for Japanese candy & Japanese soda all over the world! To do so, we carefully craft and curate our Japanese subscription box to make sure that those who receive our Japan box feel happier every time they treat themselves to a snack! We want every bite to express the quality of Japanese snacks. Every snack you try will provide a new experience and widen your view of the Japanese snack world! So, get ready to discover Japanese snacks through limited-time and seasonal snacks that will shock your senses!

Official TokyoTreat website:
unopened orange TokyoTreat box on granite counters

How does the TokyoTreat subscription box work?

Like most subscription box services, TokyoTreat boxes are shipped to subscribers on a monthly basis.

That said, you have quite a bit of flexibility in selecting the duration of your subscription, which I really appreciate. 

To get your first box, you’ll first need to choose your subscription length. Here are your options:

  • 12 month subscription = 12 boxes
  • 6 month subscription = 6 boxes
  • 3 month subscription = 3 boxes
  • 1 month subscription = 1 box

I really like that there is an option for a one-month subscription. This is perfect for people who want to try TokyoTreat out but are still hesitant. It’s also great for those who want to give TokyoTreat boxes as gifts!

Once you choose the plan that fits your needs, TokyoTreat will send you a shipping confirmation and all you have to do is wait for your TokyoTreat box to arrive! Mine didn’t take all that long (less than 1 week from shipping to delivery), which I was surprised by since the tracking number showed it shipped all the way from Japan!

Note: From what I can tell, there was previously an option to choose between a premium box and a classic box, but this no longer seems to be an option, as only the premium subscription box is available on the website at the time of this writing.

How much does TokyoTreat cost?

Currently, TokyoTreat prices are dependent on the subscription length you chose. Makes sense right? The more you order at once, the cheaper each box costs.

Right now, here are the current pricing for the different plans:

  • 12 month: $31.50 per box + free shipping
  • 6 month: $32 per box + free shipping
  • 3 month: $33.50 per box + free shipping
  • 1 month: $35 per box + free shipping

All TokyoTreat premium subscription plans include at least 17 Japanese snacks.

My Personal TokyoTreat Review: What’s In My Box?

My TokyoTreat delivery came packaged in a cute orange box that was surprisingly very sturdy. All of my snacks arrived in perfect, unopened condition.

My box included sixteen snacks and one drink! The TokyoTreat box was completely full and they didn’t skimp on the snack sizes either, which made me feel that customers really get their money’s worth.

Here is every item that came in my November 2021 Tokyo Treat box:

  • Fanta Peach
  • KitKat Mont Blanc Party Pack
  • Koala’s March Butter & White Chocolate
  • Umaibo Cinnamon Apple Pie
  • Strawberry Ice Cream DIY Candy Kit
  • Pocky Heartful Blueberry
  • Karamucho Kumamoto Chili Tomato
  • Crunky x Demon Slayer Collab Choco
  • Onion Taro
  • DonDon Yaki
  • Constellation Chocolate Cookie
  • Umaibo Choco
  • Sour Paper Candy Grape
  • Porickey German Potato
  • Yakisoba Shop Taro
  • Texas Corn Okonomiyaki Flavor
  • Sparrow Egg Crackers

The box also included a menu booklet that lists each snack and a corresponding picture so you can determine what you are eating as well as a brief description. This was super helpful!

I shared all my snacks with my husband, Justin, and we compiled a short list of our absolute favorites in this November 2021 Tokyo Treat box:

Best sweet snacks from our Tokyo Treat box: 

Fanta Peach: This was delicious! I was really excited to try Japanese soda, and I especially love peach, so this was a win for me.

Mont Blanc Kit Kat: Each month, TokyoTreat includes a party pack of twelve mini kit kats in a unique flavor. This month, we got the Mont Blanc kit kats, which featured a chestnut flavored white chocolate with a rum cream wafer center. 

These kit kats were absolutely amazing! I was immediately obsessed. They are perfectly sweet and completely different from any other kit kat I have ever tried. 

Full disclosure, I had eaten about nine of these when I read the menu booklet and realized these contain 0.01% alcohol. I guess it’s a good thing they don’t contain 0.1%, or I may have been in trouble!

Constellation Chocolate Cookie: I meant to share this one with Justin, but it was small and I decided I wasn’t willing to share! It was a shortbread-type cookie on top, and a layer of thick chocolate underneath. Yum!

Pocky Heartfelt Blueberry: Perhaps one of the most popular Japanese snacks, but in a new flavor! We really loved the blueberry.

Best savory snacks in our TokyoTreat box:

Karamucho Kumamoto Chili Tomato: Justin and I both really loved these chips! They were the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. The tomato flavor was really unique!

Onion Taro: These onion-soup-flavored corn puffs were delicious! They were perfectly fluffy and crunchy. We couldn’t put them down.

DonDon Yaki: These little rice crackers were uniquely seasoned and had a perfect texture. I loved the mini size!

Most unique snacks in our TokyoTreat box:

Sour Paper Candy Grape: I would compare this to Fruit by the Foot, but a little bit thicker. The grape flavor was not too sour or sweet. And it was the perfect size to share!

Strawberry Ice Cream DIY Candy Kit: This was such a cool snack! It comes with strawberry ice cream powder and instructs you to mix two teaspoons of water with it. Once mixed, it creates ice cream that can be scooped into the two mini cones! It is just enough for a little bit for each person- so fun! It was definitely the most interesting snack in the box.

Alex’s overall favorite: 

In the end, it was the Mont Blanc Kit-Kats that I couldn’t stop raving about. I wish I could give one to everyone I know so they understand! 

Justin’s overall favorite:

Justin really loved the Onion Taro! He liked how they reminded him of traditional corn puffs, but he loved the onion as a unique new flavor. 

Various Japanese snacks inside an orange TokyoTreat box

Public TokyoTreat Customer Reviews: What are they saying?

Just like my personal experience, there is no shortage of rave reviews for Tokyo Treat subscriptions online.

Most of the public Tokyo Treat reviews mention the variety of products included in every box, the cute packaging, and timely deliveries. Subscribers love that Tokyo Treat allows them to discover new Japanese snacks.

  • “Cool flavors, variety of products, lovely packaging… just love it!”
  • “I love when this box arrives each month, the treats are always well packaged and arrive in good time.would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to try some authentic Japanese snacks.”
  • “This was my first box and my family loved it. We enjoyed trying all of the snacks and the drink. Can’t wait for my next box.”

TokyoTreat Review: Pros and Cons

Pros of a TokyoTreat subscription:

Cons of a TokyoTreat subscription:

Final Thoughts Review of TokyoTreat Subscription Box:

Overall, I really loved my TokyoTreat subscription box! I had high hopes for the snacks, and I was not disappointed. It was so much fun trying all of the different sweet snacks, and my husband especially loved the unique flavors of the savory snacks such as the chili tomato chips. 

My TokyoTreat box included a ton of snacks and one drink. I feel like the price is really great considering the value and quantity of snacks you are getting. There is a great mix of snacks from popular brands and new treats you probably have not tried. 

TokyoTreat is a great way to get Japanese snacks shipped to you for an affordable price. It made for a really fun activity for my husband and me to try all of the snacks and pick our favorites. Not to mention it made for a great snack and yummy dessert after dinner. We are looking forward to our next box!

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