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30 Best Coffee Makers Under $150

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I met my now-husband back in college – and back then, we were on a budget! So when we were looking to buy a coffee maker for each of our apartments, we put our detective hats on and searched high and low for the best coffee makers under $150.

We looked at over 25 amazing coffee makers for lower budgets, but ultimately ended up buying the Cuisinart DCC-1200P1 Brew Central. It was worth every penny!

Fast forward 5 years later, we’ve had the privilege of upgrading our coffee maker to a different model now that we’re married and working. But you know what? Both of our coffee makers from college still work to this day!

So in this blog post, I thought I’d share our updated list of the best coffee makers under $150 in case you are looking to buy a coffee maker that will last a while, but still on a budget!

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Criteria For The Best Coffee Makers Under $150

To choose the right coffee machine, you need to make some practical decisions surrounding your particular space and price range.

People with more countertop space might want a larger machine, while others who live by themselves may prefer a single-serve. Some people have a strong color preference for the coffee maker to match their kitchen aesthetic, while others couldn’t care less.

At the end of the day, different people will have different preferences for what makes for a good coffee maker. That said, here are some things to consider in your personal evaluation and search for your best coffee maker.

Capacity Of The Coffee Maker

One of the most important deciding factors when buying a coffee maker is how many cups of coffee you need to make each day.

For some households, it is a single once-off in the morning; for others, a continuous supply may be required throughout the day.

Coffee makers have sizes ranging from single-cup servings to full carafes that will stay loaded throughout the day.

The Size of The Coffee Machine

Do you need a compact design for limited countertop space, or do you have plenty of space available for a larger machine?

While size and capacity are often correlated, it may not always be the case. So make sure you double check that both size and capacity fit your needs.

Ease of Use Of The Coffee Maker

Coffee makers vary considerably in setup and function. It’s safe to say that some are easier to operate than others.

For example, while various coffee makers have auto-start timers, some of the more basic models need you to hit a button to start the brewing process.

The Appearance Of The Unit

You may be looking for a coffee maker that is purely practical, or you may care about how the coffee machine looks in your specific space.

Some can look ultra-modern with a sleek stainless steel finish, while others have a more decadent, retro feel.

Speed of Operation

While choosing your perfect coffee maker, check that it can make coffee fast enough to keep up with your lifestyle.

What Is The Best Reasonably Priced Coffee Maker?

When it comes to coffee makers, consumers are spoiled for choice. While you can expect to pay a little more for something like a Technivorm Moccamaster, there are plenty of more affordably priced coffee makers that can still deliver coffee shop results.

The best reasonably priced coffee maker has a lot to do with individual preferences. Some coffee drinkers need strong brews to keep going and may need an espresso maker; others just love the taste of a good cup of regular coffee.

30 Best Coffee Makers Under $150

We have taken all the guesswork out of finding the best affordably priced coffee maker.

Our top 30 list includes coffee makers of all shapes and sizes, and they have all received excellent customer reviews. Best of all, they all cost under $150!

Cuisinart DCC-1200P1 Brew Central

Even if you are not a coffee snob, Cuisinart Brew Central may make you more choosy about your coffee in the future. It is an Amazon bestseller, and it is not hard to see why. It’s also our top pick as the overall best coffee maker under $150.

Besides its compact modern design, I absolutely love that this coffee machine gives you complete control of the coffee-making process. Features include:

  • Full automation and 24-hour programmability
  • Durable built-in filters from the water tank and the coffee filter
  • Temperature control – plate heater settings are variable, so if you like a simmering pot or need it piping hot, this coffee maker will have you covered.
  • The carafe can hold a maximum of 12 cups.

BUNN GRW Velocity

The BUNN Velocity is an excellent option for those needing a no-mess, no-fuss plain coffee machine that can quickly deliver up to 10 cups of coffee.

It has a classic, welcoming appearance, and coffee can easily be decanted from the glass carafe on the front of the machine.

While this is not the coffee maker for fine coffee connoisseurs, the machine has plenty of excellent reviews from happy customers, mostly from regular people who just want to make their own coffee in the morning!

Although darker colors are often more suitable to avoid coffee smudges and noticeable drips, this machine is also available in white.

Amazon Basics 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Basic is sometimes all you need, and this 12-cup coffee maker from Amazon Basics offers excellent value for money. It is simple at its best and contains several handy functions that consumers love.

I love that there is no need for additional paper filters, as the unit contains a built-in reusable filter basket. The easy-to-see water level window means that it is easy to keep an eye on if there is enough water in the tank to keep pots of coffee coming.

This product is ideal for places where the coffee maker needs to be on all day, like offices or dorms. An automatic shut-off function prevents overboiling if the machine runs dry.

Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Duo is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to use both coffee pods and ground coffee.

This product is a little more expensive than some of the other coffee machines on our list, but it has plenty of added features while remaining safely under our $150 limit.

Features that make the Keurig K-Duo stand out from the crowd:

  • You can use ground coffee or coffee pods
  • Choose brew sizes, from a small 6oz single cup up to 12 cups
  • The water reservoir is shared between the single and full carafe brew systems, so you only have to keep one tank filled
  • The programmable auto brew timer means you can set it and wake up to the smell of fresh coffee
  • The machine includes a travel-friendly mug so you can grab and go

The only con about this machine is it needs a bit of space. Since it features two different systems, it is a little wider than many other machines.

Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer

The Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer allows you to make perfectly brewed hot coffee so it’s ready first thing in the morning.

The robust upright design means that it won’t take up a lot of space, and what I like about it is that the water tank is easily visible and completely removable for convenient, easy filling.  

This product has received almost 19,000 reviews with an average rating of an incredible 4.6 out of 5. That’s a lot of happy coffee drinkers who all agree that the Ninja 12-cup with glass carafe is one of the best coffee makers under $150.

Here are 3 things I love about this coffee maker:

  • It is simple to use and has a built-in timer
  • You can easily set the machine to make small batches for individual brew
  • It has a self-cleaning function – the coffee machine can be set to descale itself

The cherry on top is that the removable parts of the machine are all dishwasher safe, which makes keeping your coffee maker spotless so easy!

Braun KF7170SI Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

This elegantly designed coffee machine is a great option for anyone that likes to stay in complete control of the strength of their brew.

What I like about the Braun KF7170SI Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker is its ultra-modern look and feel. The entire control panel is digital, so all you have to do is work your way from left to right across the touch buttons, and this drip coffee maker will do the rest.

Although it has received excellent reviews, some customers have commented that the carafe is difficult to pour accurately.

It may also take a little longer to brew than many other machines, so while it is a reliable brand, if you need speed, it probably isn’t your best option.

KRUPS Simply Brew Family Coffee Maker

To make basic drip coffee makers, the KRUPS Simply Brew family coffee maker is a great affordable option with a sleek, clean appearance.

It has a nice compact design and ultra-simple start function, but it may be too simple for some coffee lovers.

Things I love about this machine are the permanent filter and that it is easy to see the amount of water in the tank.

Some customers may not like that the water tank is not removable, although it does have a wide opening, so getting water inside isn’t tricky.

The KRUPS coffee machine lets you make up to 10 cups at a time. The unit also enables you to chip in and take a cup if you are in a hurry, and the glass carafe is conveniently dishwasher safe.

Mueller 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

Another one of the best cheap coffee makers includes the Mueller 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker.

This basic coffee maker offers excellent value for money and all the features you need to make up to 12 delicious cups at a time.

In addition to the low price, I love that this coffee machine has a decent glass carafe, and the built-in hot plate will keep your brew hot for a long time.

Mueller also has an excellent record of outstanding customer support, so help is only a phone call away if something goes wrong.

Kognita 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

Kognita may not be a well-known brand, but its programmable coffee maker has consistently received great reviews.

The convenience of being able to program the machine 24 hours in advance means that you can wake up or come back home to freshly brewed coffee.

What I like about this coffee maker is that it is compact, so it is ideal for guest houses, camping, or any application where there is not a lot of space.

The dishwasher-safe glass carafe can hold up to 12 cups of coffee.

JAVASTARR Grind And Brew Coffee Maker

It is never going to be easy to find a quality coffee maker that includes a built-in grinder for under $150, but with some searching, we have discovered a few gems. The JAVASTARR Grind lets you use whole beans or ground coffee and create coffee to suit your mood.

Switching between the whole beans or the pre-ground option can be done at the touch of a button. The machine also features a built-in filter, so you don’t have to buy additional filters.

The unit is lightweight and portable. The downside is that it only has the capacity to make one 14 oz cup at a time.

Mecity 3-in-1 Coffee Maker

If you are a fan of coffee pod machines, but coffee isn’t the only hot drink you enjoy, the Mecity 3-in-1 lets you choose between ground coffee, pods, or even loose tea leaves.

Best of all, your favorite drink comes out at record speed, so you will never again have to wait around for a kettle to boil.

I like that it has a removable water reservoir, so it is easy to clean. The machine also has a built-in reminder to descale so your favorite beverage will always taste fresh.

De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine

De’Longhi is one of the most popular coffee maker brands – and for good reasons!

The De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine is a great option for anyone who wants to take their morning coffee to the next level.

The design of this espresso machine will instantly add a coffee shop feel and aroma to any space. This is definitely one of the best espresso machines available for less than $150.

Special features include a built-in milk frother, portafiller, and two filters so you can add a professional element to your latte or cappuccino without having to buy separate appliances. I also like that you can create two cups side by side, so it is perfect for couples.

Cuisinart PerfecTemp Copper Color Coffee Maker

While many coffee machines look similar, the PerfecTemp Coffee Maker from Cuisinart stands out from the crowd.

Besides its unusual copper color, the unit is designed with temperature control top of mind, so you are always guaranteed a steaming hot cup of coffee.

The pros of this coffee machine are that it can brew up to 14 cups of coffee at a time and is fully programmable.

Some reviewers loved the color but then realized that it is more difficult to keep looking spotless than black machines.

Overall, it is a quality machine that consistently delivers coffee at the right temperature. If you only need a small batch, it can be programmed to make 1 to 4 cups and has an automatic shut-off.

Black +Decker CM1160B

Black+Decker is a trusted brand most famous for power tools, but it turns out they also know a thing or two about brewing great coffee at an affordable price.

Their 12-cup, programmable coffee maker is ideal for settings where you need a no-nonsense machine that can reliably produce multiple cups of coffee.

I like that the carafe of this model is particularly robust, so it is able to stand a lot of movement. The rubberized coating of the handles and control buttons also gives it a no-nonsense feel.

This coffee maker is an excellent addition to any setting where multiple people will be using the machine. It has a 2-hour safety function, and everyone can keep track of the water reservoir as it is clearly visible from the front: no mad barista skills are required, just a reliable source of fresh cups of great-tasting coffee.

avigator Automatic 12-Cup Coffee Maker

The avigator Automatic 12-Cup Coffee Maker is a wonderful slim profile coffee maker under $150.

It has an intelligent touch control panel that allows you to control the brew cycle and set the timer at the touch of a button.

Plus, the coffee maker comes in 2 different designs: one more rounded and one more rectangular, but both models have the same main features.

We also love the 4-Hour Keep Warm Function of this coffee maker!

Amaste Drip Coffee Maker

For an automatic coffee maker with a unique retro feel, we love the Amaste Drip Coffee Maker. There is a delightful range of vintage-feel colors available to give your space an instant classic back-in-time feel without looking dated.

Reviewers love these as conversation pieces, and they have a range of matching appliances, so you can also choose a toaster with the same retro vibe.

This drip coffee maker allows you to select the strength of the brew, so it isn’t just a gorgeous machine at the right price – and more importantly, it consistently makes great pots of coffee.

OXO Brew Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Make great coffee anywhere with this compact, portable French press. Just add hot water and strain through the fine mesh filter.

OXO is a brand with an excellent reputation, and this coffee maker is no exception.

It offers an easy-to-clean method to create good cups of coffee, whether you are camping or just want an occasional cup of quality brew.

Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker

The Bonavita 5-cup is one of the best drip coffee makers under $150. This machine features a thermal carafe and has the stamp of approval from the Specialty Coffee Association.

There are lots of pros to this machine, especially if you only need to make small batches.

Brew temperature is carefully maintained, and features like the showerhead-style water brewing method ensure perfectly infused coffee every time.

The only downside of this machine is that it takes up a little more space than some other models. But it also may not be big enough for larger households or busy office settings.

Gevi 4-Cup Small Coffee Maker

There are lots of types of coffee makers out there, but if you just need a basic 4-cup machine at an affordable price, then this machine from Gevi may fit the bill.

This compact coffee machine has all the features you can expect, including a reusable filter and fast brew time.

What I like about this model is the ultra-sturdy, solid handle on the carafe that makes it easy to grab a perfect cup of coffee.

Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Mini Brew

When you need a coffee maker but the price is your most important consideration, the 5-Cup Mini Brew machine from Mr. Coffee is your pick.

It is the cheapest model on my list, but it has still received consistently great reviews.

There is nothing fancy about this machine, but the simplicity of the design and overall result, which is consistently fresh coffee, makes it a winner in the low-budget category.

This coffee maker is entirely manual, so if you need a timer, you are out of luck. However, it does have a reminder to shut it off, and I love that it is so easy to use.

KOOFFEE Coffee Maker

KOOFFEE is a relatively newer brand, but it sure brews a great cup of coffee!

While traditional glass carafes are great, this model keeps things stylish with a stainless-steel thermal carafe.

Other features that I like are the brew strength selector, precise water temperature control, and the simplicity of the controls. A simple twist lets you select your preferred style and gets your brew started.

It is not ideal for anyone with limited space as it is wider than some other more compact-design coffee makers. However, for the price, it is a great option.

KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Some like their coffee hot, and while others prefer it cold.

If you love iced coffee, the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a great alternative to your traditional countertop coffee maker.

It has a compact design that won’t take up much space, and the stainless steel tap makes it easy to dispense just the right amount each time.

This KitchenAid brewer makes up to 38 ounces of coffee concentrate, which can stay fresh for up to 2 weeks when refrigerated.

Safeplus 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

The Safeplus coffee machine is an excellent space-efficient unit that can brew up to 12 cups of coffee.

Plus, it comes with the bonus of being programmable up to 24 hours in advance. This means that every morning after you’ve had your coffee, you can program it to start again the following morning!

It is ideal for small room settings as it also includes a backlit LCD display that is easy to read without switching the light on.

Other excellent features include its quiet function and price point.

This coffee maker will not break the bank, and you can have a steady supply of fresh coffee ready quickly and conveniently.

The Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers Under $150

Instant Pot Single Serve Coffee Maker

If you want to save both time and money while making your morning coffee, check out Instant Pot Single Serve Coffee Maker.

This coffee maker is compatible with most coffee pods you can find today and also features a reusable pod so you can brew your own coffee from ground coffee.

Besides the compact design, touch button functionality, and effortless usage, I love that it comes in a range of classic colors.

Although this coffee maker is a single-serve machine, you can still choose brew sizes to accommodate how large of a serving you want your cup of joe to be on any given day.

L’OR Barista System – Coffee and Espresso Machine Combo

Add a touch of luxury with this artisan coffee and espresso maker from L’OR. This machine can do it all while oozing pure class, whether you prefer iced coffee or steaming cappuccinos.

Quickly select the size, wait for 25 seconds for the machine to heat up, and voila, you can enjoy barista-style beverages in the comfort of your home.

Not ideal if you need to produce high volumes of coffee, but an excellent choice for anyone who loves perfectly made espresso beverages.

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker

If you love the idea of owning a cute coffee maker that comes in a range of trendy colors, check out the CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker.

The 2 things I love most about this coffee machine include its modern colors and that you can use both pods and ground coffee.

Keep in mind that the CHILUX is only an excellent choice for singles. This is probably not the best option if you need to brew multiple cups of coffee for guests.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Single

Hamilton Beach is a brand that is well-known for manufacturing quality kitchen appliances. Their Beach Flexbrew Single Coffee Maker is much more than just another one-dimensional machine that only delivers coffee.

It allows users to use either regular coffee grounds or K-cup pods, and it also has a dreamy built-in milk frother that can make any coffee break feel like a decadent experience. You can effortlessly create lattes, cappuccinos, macchiato, or hot chocolate.

The coffee can brew while the frother gets to work heating and frothing the milk. Perfect for hot or iced coffee. For anyone who needs a quick ‘wake me up’ shot of strong brew, the machine can be set to make individual strong coffee shots.

Some reviewers commented on mechanical faults that showed up quite quickly, but overall, customers can’t get enough of the handy milk frother that adds a whole new dimension to any cup of coffee.

Mr. Coffee Iced And Hot Coffee Maker

This nifty little single-serve coffee maker is ideal for coffee brewers on the go! The unit includes a reusable tumbler, lid, and straw, and brewing a fresh cuppa only takes 4 minutes.

Reviewers love the convenience and compact size of this machine. Add a scoop of coffee to the reusable coffee filter on top of the unit and quickly create the perfect hot or iced coffee blend.

I love the versatility of this small coffee maker. It is ideal for on-the-go singles with a busy lifestyle, although it may be too small for anyone needing multiple cups.

Grabbing your perfectly blended cup of freshly blended coffee has never been easier or more affordable.

AdirChef Mini Travel Coffee Maker

Last but not least, skip the coffee shop and save money with this super speedy, single-serve coffee maker from AdirChef. It is affordable, and the travel mug fits most drink holders, so it is ideal for commutes and all leisure activities.

The product boasts a brewing time of just 15 seconds from start to finish – so it definitely won’t hold you up in the mornings!

While this coffee maker may not be a good fit for families that need to serve multiple cups in the morning, it’s a great option for singles with a busy lifestyle.

Bonus: Budget Coffee Grinder

Boly Electric Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Once you settle on the best coffee maker for you, it’s time to decide whether you want to buy pre-ground coffee, or buy whole beans and grind your own!

If you choose to grind your own coffee, a great entry level grinder is the Boly Electric Conical Burr Coffee Grinder.

It comes with an impressive array of 19 settings, so you can choose from coarse French press-style grinding all the way through to ultra-fine Turkish ground.

This coffee grinder comes in a range of colors, including a very eye-catching green. It is compact, so it won’t take up much counter space while still being able to deliver enough ground coffee beans for up to 12 cups of great coffee.

The quiet function of this machine is a huge plus for anyone who enjoys ground coffee and needs to limit noisy coffee bean grinding sounds. Some reviewers have noted that the boly coffee maker builds up a lot of static, but it is overall still a good coffee grinder for the price.  

Is It Cheaper To Buy Coffee Or Make Your Own?

If you drink coffee at least once or twice per week, making your own coffee will be much cheaper in the long run – even after factoring in the cost of a new coffee maker.

Brewing your own coffee at home can be cheaper than buying them from a coffee shop in the long run since those coffee shop drinks usually come with a premium price.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of good quality coffee makers under $150 to save you money!

Verdict: What’s The Best Coffee Maker Under $150?

We may be biased, but we loved the Cuisinart DCC-1200P1 Brew Central coffee maker for an all-around best coffee maker under $150. In fact, it’s one of the best budget coffee makers we’ve had!

But if you’re looking specifically to make quality espresso, we have to recommend the De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine.

For single-serve coffee makers, we recommend the AdirChef Mini Travel Coffee Maker.

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