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My Firstleaf Review with Photos: Is the Wine Club Right for You?

opened Firstleaf box showing 7 different wines next to each other
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I remember the first time I heard of Firstleaf’s online wine club. A few of my best friends were talking about their Firstleaf boxes, and I couldn’t help but be curious!

So I went home and signed myself up for a Firstleaf trial, where you get the first shipment of 6 full-sized bottles of personalized wine for just $39.95 + free shipping.

Of course, I took notes and pictures of everything I experienced for this Firstleaf wine club review so you can know exactly what to expect from the service.

In this review, I’m going to do my best to break down what you need to know about the wine club, what I thought about the wine selection, and whether Firstleaf may be right for you!

Quick Summary of This Firstleaf Review

Don’t have time to read the full, comprehensive Firstleaf review? Here’s a 3 -minute summary of what you need to know:

An opened Firstleaf wine club box, showing a welcome pamphlet inside explaining the wines and what to expect from the service

About Firstleaf Wine Club

Firstleaf is an online wine club that specializes in providing a tailored, award-winning wine subscription service.

Firstleaf’s founder, Philip James, created the company with the goal of “creating the most customer-centric wine club” in the wine industry, providing great wine for a surprisingly affordable price.

And it’s working – Firstleaf has over 100,000 happy members!

What sets Firstleaf apart from other wine clubs is the way they partner directly with various wineries and winemakers. This gets rid of the need for middlemen (such as importers, distributors, and retailers) that often results in marked-up retail prices. With Firstleaf’s direct-to consumer model, however, members can get quality wines at a very fair price.

Firstleaf stands by its wines and subscription experience with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Either you love the wine club, or you get your money back!

An unopened box of Firstleaf wine club shipment on carpet

How Does Firstleaf Wine Subscriptions Work?

  1. Visit Firstleaf’s official website and sign up for your free account.
  2. Take the personalized wine quiz to create your wine profile (it’ll take about 5 minutes)
  3. Order your trial box of the 6 recommended wines based on your quiz results
    • If you prefer, you can switch out recommended wines you don’t want with other options in their inventory.
  4. Your Firstleaf box gets delivered, and you can start enjoying the different wines.
  5. Rate your wines online with either a thumb up or thumb down to help the experts get the most refined picture of your wine preferences.
  6. Receive your curated wine club orders at the schedule you set. Modify, reschedule, or cancel anytime!

FUN FACT: If you ever get a bottle of wine that you didn’t like, you can reach out to Firstleaf’s Wine Concierge team and they will credit you a complimentary replacement for another bottle you’ll love.

Wines I Received in My Firstleaf Introductory Box

Opened Firstleaf box containing 6 unopened bottles of wine laid out next to each other for review

Incarnadine 2020 California Pinot Noir

  • Features: light-bodied, tasting notes of watermelon, strawberry, and earth
  • Pairs well with: Grilled Salmon, Garlic and Herb Pork Tenderloin, Mushroom Risotto
  • Awards: Gold Medal for 2021 Sommelier Challenge, 91 Points for 2021 Sommelier Challenge
  • Selling Price: $22.00

St. Audette Lumiere 2019 French Chardonnay

  • Features: light-bodied, tasting notes of pear, white flowers, and vanilla
  • Pairs well with: Grilled Shrimp, Oysters Rockefeller, Lobster
  • Awards: Gold Medal for 2020 Sommelier Challenge, 90 Points for 2020 Sommelier Challenge,
  • Silver Medal for 2020 USA Wine Ratings, Silver Medal for 2021 Sunset International Wine Competition
  • Selling Price: $19.00

Tailored Republic 2020 Chardonnay

  • Features: light-bodied, tasting notes of lemon, brioche, and almond
  • Pairs well with: Lobster Mac and Cheese, Roasted Chicken, Grilled Halibut
  • Awards: Bronze Medal for 2020 Sommelier Choice Awards
  • Selling Price: $22.00

Acadine 2019 California Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Features: light-bodied, tasting notes of blackberry, plum, and cherry
  • Pairs well with: Cheeseboards, Beef Bourguignon, Hearty Soups
  • Awards: 91 Points for 2021 Sommelier Challenge, Gold Medal for 2021 Sommelier Challenge
  • Selling Price: $23.00

Incarnadine 2020 California Chardonnay

  • Features: light-bodied, tasting notes of apricot, lemon, and pear
  • Pairs well with: Grilled Chicken, Seared Scallops, Pumpkin Ravioli
  • Awards: 92 Points for 2021 Sommelier Challenge, Gold Medal for 2021 Sommelier Challenge, Silver Medal for 2021 USA Wine Ratings, Silver Medal for 2021 Critics Challenge International Wine & Spirits Competition
  • Selling Price: $19.00

La Belle France 2019 Bourdeaux Rouge

  • Features: medium-bodied, tasting notes of blackcurrant, tobacco, and plum
  • Pairs well with: Filet, Comte cheese, Roasted Chicken
  • Awards: Silver Medal for 2020 Harvest Challenge, Silver Medal for 2020 Sommelier Challenge, Silver Medal for 2021 International Eastern Wine Competition
  • Selling Price: $25.00

My Personal Firstleaf Review

What I Liked About Firstleaf:

  • Impressive wine selections of the best wines that have actually won awards
  • I enjoyed reading the pamphlets that came in my First Leaf box, explaining every bottle in detail: from tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and origin of the wine.
  • Constantly changing wine selection helps me discover new wines.
  • Great value for quality wines. The wines I’ve received from Firstleaf have been some of the best I’ve ever received through a wine club and wine subscription services.
  • It’s convenient! Instead of spending 45 minutes in a liquor store trying to figure out which wine to try, I get 6 hand-selected bottles sent to my house.
  • Personalization has been mostly accurate for my flavor profiles.
  • Website was easy to navigate. I could sort through the large variety of wines by:
    • Wine Regions: United States, Italy, France, and more
    • Types of Wine: red wine, white wine, rosé, sparkling
    • Grape Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and more.
  • Easy to change my delivery schedule, wine order, and even cancel.
  • Amazing customer service! Love their 100% satisfaction guarantee as it ensures pretty much a risk-free wine buying experience.
Hand holding 6 Firstleaf wine pamphlets explaining more about each wine in the box

What I Didn’t Like About Firstleaf:

  • Constantly changing wine selection means that I may not have access to a specific bottle whenever I want
    • For example, I received the La Belle France 2019 Bordeaux Rouge in my box and loved it, but now Firstleaf doesn’t sell that specific wine. That said, Firstleaf is very good at offering similar wines to those you love.
    • Spoiler alert: I have loved their other wine suggestions based on the 2019 Bordeaux Rouge, but I thought this is worth noting in case there are wine enthusiasts reading this who may want the exact brand/bottle in their next box.
  • Firstleaf automatically sets you up on a monthly shipment after your introductory shipment.
  • Someone over 21 has to be present to receive the delivery (this is common with any wine subscription box delivery in general).

Public Firstleaf Reviews from Customers

Currently, there are over 298 public Firstleaf reviews on Trustpilot. According to customer reviews, Firstleaf has an average rating of 4.7/5 stars.

Only 4% of all the Firstleaf reviews rated Firstleaf as ‘poor,’ while 93% rated the wine club as either ‘great’ or ‘excellent’.

How Much Does Firstleaf Cost?

Firstleaf offers a few different services: 1) its popular wine club, and 2) an online store selling individual wines for purchase.

Depending on the service you choose, here’s how much you can expect your Firstleaf shipment to cost:

Keep in mind that all Firstleaf wine club boxes (including the trial) are guaranteed to be valued over the wine club box price. My Firstleaf box was valued at $130!

Bottom line: for those of you who are wine lovers, it pays to get the wine club box (vs buying individual wines)

Firstleaf Review Verdict

After trying a lot of different wine clubs and subscription boxes, I have to admit that my Firstleaf experience has been the best of them all!

There are so many things to love about Firstleaf wine club, and the fact that a trial box of 6 bottles only costs you $39.95? It’s a no-brainer for me!

The wines they offer are really good, and the phenomenal customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee are more than enough to make me a return customer.

Firstleaf Wine Club Alternatives

Looking for other wine clubs and subscription services? Here are some alternatives to Firstleaf Wine Club that I recommend.

Did we miss anything in this Firstleaf review? Please leave a comment below – I’d love to hear!!

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