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18 Best Rotisserie Grills To Level Up Your BBQ Game

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Make your BBQ game the envy of your friends with these 18 best rotisserie grills. We’ve rounded up all the best easy-to-use models all the way to top-of-the-line rotisserie grills so you can find the best fit for your needs and budget.

This guide will also provide a review and comparison of grills from all the top brands, like Weber, Char-Broil, and Napoleon – so you can make an informed decision before clicking “buy!”

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Are BBQ Rotisseries Worth It?

If you consider yourself a BBQ fanatic, a rotisserie grill will be well worth it because it offers several advantages, including:

  • They offer a convenient way to cook larger cuts of meat, such as whole chickens and large roasts, evenly and with less mess than other methods. Very useful if you’re cooking a meal for a large gathering and want to be able to cook large pieces of meat at once to save time.
  • Rotisseries can be healthier as you use less oil. More fat cooks away in a rotisserie grill than in a regular BBQ grill.
  • They are a great addition to any outdoor kitchen setup, especially if you love hosting outdoor cookouts!
  • Rotisseries are also an excellent choice for cooking items that tend to dry out when cooked in other methods.
  • Rotisserie grills are more convenient than regular BBQ grills in that once you have it set up correctly, you can basically put the meat on and leave it do to its thing for a while – similar to a smoker. Compare this with the more active cooking needed for a regular grill.
  • Rotisseries also allow for more precise control over temperature and air circulation, which can help ensure that meats are cooked more evenly and remain juicy throughout the process.

So is investing in a rotisserie grill worth it? If you enjoy the taste of slow-cooked, evenly-cooked meats, the answer is YES!

Criteria We Look for In The Best Rotisserie Grill

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for the best rotisserie grills, with options that offer various features like large cooking areas, temperature control, and even self-basting designs.

But choosing the best rotisserie grills go beyond the fancy features. Here is a list of what to look for when buying a rotisserie grill:

  1. Size of Grill: It’s important to determine how much outdoor space you have for the grill. You don’t want to get a rotisserie grill with all the bells and whistles, but doesn’t fit in your space.
    • A larger grill with more cooking space will allow you to cook more food at once and provide enough space for rotating the spit.  Keep in mind how large of a cooking area you need and what types of foods you will be preparing.
  2. Fuel Source: Consider the pros and cons of the different fuel sources, including gas, charcoal, wood flame, and electric.
  3. Manufacturing Quality: It goes without saying, but certain brands have a well-earned reputation for making higher-quality rotisserie grills. While some cost more than the newer, unknown brands, investing in one of the higher quality grills will often pay off in the long run.
  4. Temperature: The temperature of the rotisserie will affect how fast and evenly your food cooks. Look for models that have adjustable temperature settings, ranging from low to high, or specific modes for different types of food. You may also want to look for models that have a thermometer or indicator light to show when the food is done.
  5. Ease of Cleaning: Pay attention to how easy the grill is to clean. Look for removable parts that can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand, as well as features like a drip pan or grease tray that can help reduce mess and cleanup time. 
  6. Aesthetics: The appearance of the rotisserie may not affect its performance, but it may affect your satisfaction and enjoyment. You may want to choose a model that matches your kitchen decor and style, or one that has a sleek and modern look. You may also want to consider the color, shape, and design of the rotisserie.
  7. Add-ons and features: What is considered the best parts of a rotisserie grill will often vary from one person to another. So take your time and review the different “nice-to-haves” that are available in various models, for example, built-in thermometers, adjustable height, built-in lights, or self-contained hoods.
  8. Price: Make sure that your budget is able to accommodate the purchase of a rotisserie grill.

Top 3 Best Rotisserie Grills Of The Year

Weber Summit E-470 Gas Grill

This grill has four main burners, a side burner, a smoke box and a tuck-away rotisserie system with an infrared burner.

It also has a sear station, a fuel gauge and a handle light. It has a cooking area of 580 square-inches and a power of 48,000 BTUs.

Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500 BBQ Grill

This grill is a built-in model with stainless steel construction and a roll-top door. It has four main burners with 66,000 BTUs of total power and an infrared rotisserie burner and spit. It also has an integrated temperature gauge and a lift-up design for easy access.

DCS Built-In Traditional Grill With Rotisserie

The DCS is a built-in natural gas grill with a rotisserie feature. It has a solid and sturdy #304 stainless steel construction, so the build quality feels exceptionally high.

There are no loose hinges or strange rattles once it’s assembled, which is hard to find in a rotisserie grill.  

The 120-volt motor runs off wall socket power, but you also have the option to connect it directly to the main powerline in your home since it’s a built-in grill.

You can use it for a regular gas BBQ or as a rotisserie grill since it comes with both features included.

The rotisserie can handle up to 50 pounds of meat and has a convenient grill light to help you see how your food is progressing.

One of this grill’s standout features is the precise heat control. Many gas-based grills have controls that feel slightly loose and inaccurate; that’s not the case with the DCS. You can accurately set the precise temperature you want. Its ceramic burners are also highly effective at stopping flare-ups from dripping fat. Overall, the DCS is the perfect option if you’re looking for a rotisserie grill to build into your home or entertainment area.

15 More Top-Rated Rotisserie Grills

Recoil B-009 PortaSpit Portable Spit Rotisserie BBQ Charcoal Grill

The Recoil B-009 easily deserves the number one spot on this list. It is an incredibly robust rotisserie grill in a compact, portable form.

The PortaSpit’s rotisserie rack can easily handle up to 30 pounds of meat, and the battery-operated motor runs smoothly to ensure an even roast. You need three “AA”-sized batteries to run it for 12 hours, so it’s not even expensive to operate.

One of the Recoil’s most outstanding features is its patent-pending dual-charcoal tray. The tray moves the charcoal around to make the coals last longer and prevent flare-ups from dripping fat.

It seems like marketing hype, but it works beautifully and really is a game-changing feature, and this alone puts it at the top of this list.

Apart from these factors, the Recoil is also perfect to use as a regular charcoal grill. It’s the ideal companion for camping but just as useful for a home BBQ. You can fit a surprising amount of meat on it for such a compact design, so entertaining friends and family will be painless.

Char-Broil 463370719 Performance

Char-Broil offers an exceptional little semi-portable rotisserie grill in the form of the 463370719 Performance. The name is a mouthful, but so are its features.

It offers all the standard things you would expect from a good rotisserie grill. It’s sturdy and robust, made from solid stainless steel that looks modern.

It’s durable and rust-resistant, with convenient fold-out racks and re-heating plates to make your BBQ experience exceptional. The built-in wheels also make it a cinch to move around to the perfect entertainment spot.

But what truly makes the Char-Broil exceptional is its trademarked TRU-Infrared technology. This introduces an emitter plate between the heat source and the food, which absorbs the infrared heat and redistributes it into the meat.

Though TRU-Infrared sounds strange, and it’s impossible to find scientific studies and sources to back it up, the results are truly exceptional.

Meat comes out evenly cooked and juicy, and there’s definitely something different and unique about it. Whether that’s because of the TRU-Infrared or not, it’s clear that Char-Broil is doing something right.

The only negative is that the grill grates are porcelain-coated. This is an advantage for the most part since it helps to prevent rust, but despite Char-Broil’s claims that this makes them easy to clean, that is simply not the case. It takes quite a lot of scrubbing to clean them properly.

However, many people who have used a Char-Broil grill swear by the brand and aren’t satisfied with anything else, and it deserves a top spot on this list of rotisserie grills.

Amazing Choice 26-Inch Fire Pit And Grill

The Amazing Choice 26-inch is a small but unique rotisserie grill option.

For a charcoal-based grill, it looks incredibly modern with its stainless steel construction, and it’s easy to move around and assemble. It also comes with attachments and functionality for nearly every type of barbecue, even rotisserie grilling.

A standout feature is that it doubles as a fire pit, which makes it perfect for camping or even a relaxing evening on the patio.

You can start the fire early, relax next to the fire, then use those same coals for cooking your food. It’s also remarkably easy to clean and disassemble for transport to take with you wherever you go.

Guide Gear Manual Camp Spit

Those looking for a rugged, down-to-earth rotisserie solution will love the Guide Gear Manual Camp Spit. It’s the most basic type of rotisserie grill you can get since it doesn’t even have a motor but relies on manual power to rotate.

The grill is simply a metal ring to create a fire pit, with adjustable rotisserie stands that you can set to an appropriate height. The manual turning mechanism may not be ideal for everyone, but you can easily attach an external motor to it if you wish.

It’s made of solid stainless steel and robust enough to handle anything your camping expedition can throw at it.

BNDHKR Chicken Shawarma Rotisserie

Upright rotisserie grills are becoming more popular due to the ease with which you can cut thin slices of meat from them. This countertop chicken shawarma rotisserie grill has ceramic burners that surround nearly half of the chicken at a time, so you get faster cooking with all the benefits of a rotisserie.

It’s small and only really ideal for cooking one chicken at a time, so it might not be suitable for large-scale entertaining. However, considering it’s mainly intended for shawarmas, that should still be good enough for most families.

Green Mountain Trek Wi-Fi Controlled Portable Grill

Previously known as the Davy Crockett, this upgraded model is called the GMG Trek Prime. It has more substantial metallic elements to make it sturdier while moving or using it. The grill comes with an iOS or Android app that you can use to monitor temperatures and control the heat efficiently.

It uses wood as fuel, but the electric connection will power the rotisserie attachment and allow you to control aspects like ventilation. It’s quite a niche product, but it’s useful, and it allows for unlimited bragging rights when you control your grill with an app.

Generic 132LBS Hog Roast Machine, BBQ Spit Rotisserie Grill

This Generic-branded Hog Roast Machine is a beefy rotisserie. It’s meant to be used as a full BBQ spit roaster for pork, but you can fit any type of meat on it. It can handle up to 132 pounds, so it’s a robust and powerful machine.

The motor comes in 120V and 220V models, so you can choose whichever one you will need. It has a sturdy stainless steel frame, charcoal chute, and wheels to allow easy moving of the grill

Stansport Heavy-Duty Rotisserie Grill

The Stansport is called a heavy-duty rotisserie grill and with good reason. The steel construction is sturdy and has a 24” x 16” steel mesh cooking surface. The rotisserie is manually powered, though you can easily add a motor for external power and enhanced comfort. It can also lock in multiple positions.

The grill is adjustable up to 44” to get the perfect height and heat on the meat you’re grilling. However, remember that the grill is painted, so you will have to run it without meat for a while to get all the paint burnt away.

Stainless Steel Rotisserie Grill Tripod Roaster with 30W Motor for Outdoor Campfire Cooking

Here’s another rotisserie grill that’s great for outdoor enthusiasts and campers. This model is a tripod-based rotisserie grill that’s meant to be placed over a campfire for best results. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can even carry it with you when you go hiking (though it will likely get heavy after a while).

The electric motor runs at 30 watts, so it’s strong enough to roast almost anything, from a few chickens to a whole pig, lamb, or goat. However, since the motor uses 120V power, you may want to take a generator or inverter with you or replace the motor with a battery-powered model.

XGN Shawarma Machine 3 Burners Kebab Grill Vertical Rotisserie 

The XGN is another vertical countertop rotisserie grill made primarily with shawarmas in mind, but unlike the BNDHKR model, this one is better for entertaining larger groups of people. It is a three-burner model that can cook two chickens simultaneously. If you have a larger family or more friends coming over, the XGN is an excellent option.

RDYMONKEY 132Lbs Rotisserie Grill Roaster 

The RDYMONKEY is advertised as a camping rotisserie grill, but that might be overselling it a bit.

It’s an incredible grill with a 28-watt motor that can perfectly cook a small pig or lamb, but it is a bit too large and complicated to transport for general camping. However, as an ordinary outdoor rotisserie grill, it’s robust enough for most of your rotisserie and BBQ needs.

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Fusion 29-Inch Charcoal Grill with Patented Built-in Rotisserie System

The Everdure 29-inch is another great option for those who don’t have a grill but would like to get into rotisserie cooking. Everdure made a high-quality charcoal grill with a button-activated rotisserie.

It has three height settings and can easily handle 30 lbs of meat. On the downside, it is pretty expensive, though there are more expensive options with fewer features and lower build quality.

Farberware Indoor Rotisserie Grill

Faberware is a small business that manufactures high-quality cookware and cooking appliances. The Faberware Vintage Indoor Rotisserie Grill was designed to look like an appliance from the 1970s or 80s, though its sturdy stainless steel frame looks vintage but somehow still modern.

It’s a simple electric grill with a built-in rotisserie attachment. The motor is also powered by 120V electricity, so it’s easy to connect and use. But take care to get model 455 since 450 is just the grill/broiler without the rotisserie.

KitchenAid 790-0006A 36 in. Stainless Steel Rotisserie Grilling Kit with Motor

If you’re looking for the best rotisserie grill kit, I recommend this one from Kitchenaid.

It fits grill fireboxes up to 36 in. wide and can handle large cuts of meat or poultry. It includes a stainless steel motor, mounting bracket, 1/2 in. rod, 4 forks and hardware. It has a 1-year limited warranty.

Vbenlem 46-Inch Electric Rotisserie Kit

The Vbenlem is a genuinely universal kit that works with almost any grill type, including an open flame.

You can assemble the frame to mount the sturdy spit rod at the height of your choice over any grill you prefer. It is robust enough to hold plenty of meat, but it’s not very portable.

This one is perfect if you’re looking for a powerful rotisserie to keep next to your outdoor grill.

Verdict: What is the best barbecue with rotisserie?

There are many options for barbecues with rotisserie, depending on your budget, preference, and space.

That being said, we’ve found the top 3 best rotisserie grills to be the Weber Summit E-470 Gas Grill, Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500 BBQ Grill, and the DCS Built-In Traditional Grill With Rotisserie.

Which one of these options do you think is the best rotisserie grills? Are there other ones we should include in this guide? Please leave a comment below – I’d love to hear!!

What is the best cut of meat to cook on a rotisserie?

There are many types of meat that can be cooked on a rotisserie, but some of the best ones are those that have a cylindrical shape and a high fat content. These cuts of meat will cook evenly and stay juicy and tender as they rotate over the heat. Some examples of the best cuts of meat for rotisserie are:

  • Chicken: A whole chicken is a classic choice for rotisserie cooking, as it has a balanced shape and enough fat to baste itself while spinning. You can season the chicken with various herbs, spices, and marinades to suit your taste.
  • Beef: Thick cuts of beef with plenty of marbling, such as prime rib roast or short ribs, are ideal for rotisserie cooking. They will develop a crusty exterior and a tender interior as they cook slowly over the fire. You can rub the beef with salt, pepper, and herbs before placing it on the spit.
  • Pork: Pork cuts such as ham, pork loin, or pork shoulder are also great for rotisserie cooking, as they have enough fat to keep them moist and flavorful. You can glaze the pork with honey, mustard, or barbecue sauce for extra flavor.
  • Lamb: Lamb is another meat that benefits from rotisserie cooking, as it has a rich flavor and a succulent texture. You can use a leg of lamb or a rack of lamb for rotisserie cooking, and season it with garlic, rosemary, and lemon.
  • Duck: Duck is a fatty bird that can be cooked on a rotisserie to render out some of the excess fat and crisp up the skin. You can stuff the duck with oranges, apples, or herbs for added flavor.
  • Cornish Game Hens: Cornish game hens are small chickens that can be cooked on a rotisserie in less time than a whole chicken. They are tender and juicy, and can be seasoned with butter, garlic, and herbs.
  • Turkey: Turkey is a large bird that can be cooked on a rotisserie for special occasions. It will take longer than a chicken to cook, but it will be moist and flavorful. You can brine the turkey before cooking it to enhance its juiciness and flavor.

These are some of the best cuts of meat for rotisserie cooking, but you can also try other types of meat such as fish, sausages, or vegetables. The key is to choose cuts that have a uniform shape and enough fat to baste themselves while rotating over the heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are grill rotisseries worth it?

Grill rotisseries are worth it if you enjoy roasting large cuts of meat and poultry basted in their own natural juices on your barbecue.

Rotisseries allow you to cook foods that might otherwise be a challenge on your grill grates, such as whole chickens, turkeys, roasts and ribs. 

They also allow you to slow-cook meats without using your oven or smoker.

Can you add a rotisserie to any grill?

You can put a rotisserie on just about any grill, but some may require more effort and modification to make them work.

Most big brand-name grills have pre-made rotisseries, so installation is easy.

But if you have a less well-known grill brand, or if you built one yourself, you may have to find the rotisserie that’s the closest fit and make some modifications to your grill.

What burner do you use for rotisserie?

The burner you use for rotisserie depends on the type of grill and rotisserie kit you have. 

The best rotisseries for gas grills are paired with a rear infrared burner, which sends out direct waves to warm food on the rod, rather than a conventional gas burner that would flare up with every other drip of fat. 

The infrared burner also provides intense heat that creates a crispy crust on the meat while keeping it juicy inside.

If you don’t have a rear infrared burner, you can still use a rotisserie by setting up your grill for indirect heat, with a drip pan in the middle between the lit burners or coals.

This way, you avoid direct heat and flare-ups under the food, and catch the drippings in the pan. You can also add some water, broth, wine or beer to the pan to create steam and add flavor to the meat.

Is lump or briquettes better for rotisserie?

That depends on your preference. Lump charcoal burns hotter, longer and gives a more smoky flavor than briquettes. However, briquettes are more consistent, even and easier to control than lump charcoal. They are also more widely available and less expensive than lump charcoal. 

Some people also claim that lump charcoal produces less ash than briquettes, which can be a factor for cleaning up after grilling.

If you are using a rotisserie with indirect heat and a drip pan, either lump charcoal or briquettes can work well. However, if you are using a rear infrared burner, you may want to use lump charcoal for its higher heat output and smoky flavor.

Why does Costco rotisserie chicken taste so good?

Costco rotisserie chicken is a popular item that many people enjoy for its low price and tasty flavor. They do this by:

  • Injecting the chicken with a saline solution adds flavor and moisture, which may give it a salty or briny taste.
  • The chicken is seasoned with a blend of spices and additives.

Is rotisserie healthier than grilled?

That depends on how the chicken is cooked and seasoned, as well as which part of the chicken you choose to eat. 

Rotisserie chicken is typically cooked with the skin on, which can increase the fat content of the meat. However, removing the skin can be a healthy protein option low in fat and calories.

Grilled chicken, on the other hand, is typically cooked without the skin, which makes it a lean protein option. However, grilled chicken can also become dry and tough if grilled over high heat

Additionally, store-bought rotisserie chicken can be high in sodium due to the seasoning and marinade used in the cooking process. But grilled chicken can also be seasoned with a variety of marinades and rubs that can also affect the sodium content.

In short, both rotisserie and grilled chicken can be healthy choices depending on how they are prepared and which part of the chicken you eat.

How do you get crispy skin and keep meat moist on a rotisserie?

There are a few tips and tricks to get crispy skin on a rotisserie while keeping the meat moist. Here are some of them:

  • Brine the chicken. Brining the chicken helps it retain moisture and flavor during cooking. You can use a simple brine of water, salt, and sugar, or add other seasonings and aromatics.
  • Pat the chicken dry. After brining, rinse the chicken well and pat it dry with paper towels. This removes excess moisture from the skin and helps it crisp up.
  • Rub the chicken with oil and seasonings. Oil helps the skin brown and crisp, while seasonings add flavor and color. You can use olive oil or any other oil you prefer, and experiment with different herbs and spices. Skip the fresh garlic as it will burn.
  • Truss the chicken. Tying the legs and wings close to the body helps the chicken cook evenly and prevents the skin from tearing or burning.
  • Cook at a moderate temperature. Cooking at too high of a temperature can cause the meat to dry out and burn. A moderate temperature (around 350°F) allows the meat to cook evenly and slowly, resulting in tender and juicy meat. You can also start with a higher temperature (around 450°F) for the first 10 to 15 minutes to sear the outside of the meat, then lower it to 350°F for the rest of the cooking time.
  • Let the meat rest. After cooking, let the meat rest for at least 10 minutes before carving. This allows the juices to redistribute and settle inside the meat, keeping it moist and flavorful.

Do you need a drip pan for rotisserie?

A drip pan is not necessary for rotisserie cooking, but it can have some benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of them:

  • Benefits. A drip pan can help prevent flare-ups caused by dripping fat and grease. It can also catch the juices from the meat, which can be used to make gravy or sauce. A drip pan can also create a moist environment that can keep the meat from drying out.
  • Drawbacks. A drip pan can create steam that can prevent smoke from adhering to the meat and giving it flavor. It can also hinder the browning and crisping of the skin, especially if the drip pan is placed between the meat and the heat source. A drip pan can also reduce the heat and extend the cooking time.

If you decide to use a drip pan, make sure it is large enough to catch all the drippings, and place it under or slightly behind the meat. You can also add water, broth, wine, or other liquids to the drip pan to add flavor and moisture.

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