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13+ Must-Try Wine Subscription Boxes and Best Wine Clubs

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This list of “Must-Try Wine Subscription Boxes and Best Wine Clubs” was last updated on January 2023.

I first tried wine when I was 9 – by accident! I still remember drinking a small sip of what I thought was grape juice at my grandma’s house, when I found myself spewing what was actually a Pinot Noir on my white dress.

(isn’t wine just adult grape juice anyway?)

Back then, I thought that wine was disgustingly bitter. Buuuut…fast forward 13 years later, I watched James Suckling’s Wine Appreciation course on MasterClass, and actually began to develop an appreciation of good wine after all! I know now the kinds of wines I like, and have learned different wine pairing combinations that work best with the recipes I make!

All that to say, if you’re looking for the BEST wine clubs and wine subscription boxes this year, here are 13+ of our favorite wine services for you to try! Some are classy, some are unique, but I can assure you that all of them are downright delicious!

Let’s start!

Overall Best Wine Club: Firstleaf Wine Club

If you’ve read my comprehensive Firstleaf review, you know that I’ve had the best experience with Firstleaf Wine Club.

Firstleaf specializes in providing a tailored, award-winning wine subscription service.

Most wine clubs don’t even enter wine competitions, so the fact that Firstleaf has won over 2000+ awards speaks highly of its wine quality.

Currently, you can snag a great deal on your first Firstleaf box: 6 full-sized bottles of wine for just $39.95 + free shipping. That’s less than $7 a bottle – and the quality of each wine is truly phenomenal.

Best Small-Batch Wine Club: California Wine Club

2 unopened bottles of wine from California wine club next to a magazine titled Uncorked against a vineyard backdrop.

California Wine Club specializes in small-batch, artisan wines because they believe these wines simply taste better than the mass-produced wines that dominate store shelves. 

Currently, they offer five different wine-of-the-month club levels

Each membership comes with a personal wine consultant and an Uncorked® magazine: a personal guide to their wines (which includes tasting notes and pairing tips).

Their wine club membership also includes $1 shipping, VIP Tours, extra 10% on wine club gifts, a Love It Guarantee, and also access to “My Wine Cellar,” which allows members to manage and track their wine of choice.

Price: Subscriptions start at $40.95 per month.

Best Quarterly Wine Club: 90+ Cellars

3 unopened bottles of wine from 90+ Cellars nicely placed on the counters next to a wine guide, a glass of red wine, and a box.

Want to taste the best wines in the world without leaving your home, and at a fraction of the cost?That’s what 90+ Cellars is all about!

In 2009, founder Kevin Mehra started calling different highly-rated wineries and vineyards around the world. He asked if they had wine for sale. While some owners told him to get lost, Kevin eventually found a handful of amazing wineries that liked his concept: to place the 90+ Cellars label on the curated wines, and sell it for less.

Now, 90+ Cellars offer wines of various kinds, available to purchase individually or through the fan-favorite 90+ Quarterly Wine Club.

Price: Individual wines start at $10.99 per bottle and Quarterly Wine Club subscriptions start at $50 for 3 premium wines every quarter.

Best French Wine Subscription Box: SomMailier

6 unopened bottles of French wine next to each other, placed in front of informational cards explaining the regions each of the wines come from

SomMailier is a French wine club that sells exclusive French wines typically unavailable in the United States.

Currently, their wine selection includes handmade crafts from 27,000 French vineyards, 11 major wine regions, 200 wine varieties, and 307 wine appellations.

With a somMailier Club membership, you will receive 3-6 wines every 3 months.

You’ll also get access to an extensive wine & food pairing guide, discounted pricing on wine re-orders, an exclusive wine tour of their family wineries in Bordeaux, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Santé!

Price: Wines start at $29 per bottle and somMailier wine club starts at $99 per quarter.

Best Wine Club for Tasting Flights: In Good Taste

8 small unopened bottles of various kinds of wine from In Good Taste's Wine Tasting Flight.

In Good Taste breaks the norms by asking, “why is wine, a beverage that’s consumed by the glass, almost always distributed in a one-size-fits-all (750ml) bottle?”

And so, they came out with the world’s first-ever, commercially available eight-bottle wine tasting flights.

The wines taste great, and I love how the smaller size is perfect for one-person wine drinking. No more worrying about the wine spoiling before you get through the bottle!

P.S: the empty bottles make cute flower vases!

Got a small group? Check out In Good Taste’s complimentary Virtual Tastings

Price: $65 for the 8-pack wine tasting flight

Best Wine Subscription Box for On-The-Go: Just Enough Wines

Unilke many other wine clubs and subscription services, Just Enough Wines specializes in conveniently-sized 250ml wine cans.

But don’t be fooled by the look – each can of Just Enough Wines contains premium quality wine and is equivalent to 1.5 glasses of wine.

It’s the perfect solution for people on-the-go who want just enough wine!

Price: Starts at $42 for 6 cans

Best Wine Subscription Box for the Newbie: Winc

Winc wine club box set on a porch rug in front of a grey door with 2 unopened bottles of wine of each side

Winc is a California-based winery that was one of the first few wine clubs offering an online membership wine experience.

Winc features wines sold at select retailers and restaurants nationwide.

Before you join Winc, you’ll be prompted to take Palate Profile quiz: a short quiz which allows Winc to intelligently select which wine best fits your preference.

Winc is a no-commitment membership, meaning you can cancel anytime or just skip a month if you like. They also have a fun member perk that gives you 2 FREE wines for every friend that joins!

Price: Wines start at $12.99 and Wine Club is $59.95 for 4 bottles (take $20 off!)

Best Organic Wine Subscription Box: Thrive Market

a large brown box of Thrive Market wine subscription box

While Thrive Market has always been known as an “online Whole Foods” alternative, wine-lovers nationwide are quickly flocking to buy Thrive Market’s line of Clean Wines!

The team at Thrive Market partnered with master sommelier Josh Nadel to “create a new standard for wine and scour the globe for the best-in-class bottles.”

The result? 15 varieties of Thrive Market Clean Wines, sourced from Oregon all the way to France, each one made with organic, sustainably farmed grapes!

You can filter your wine selection to include only no-added-sugar wines, family-owned businesses, and more.

Price: $11.99 per bottle, sold in packs of 6.

Best Affordable Wine Club: WineOnSale

8 dark bottles of various wines from WineOnSale in front of 7 other unopened dark bottles of wine

Want wine without the high price tag?

WineOnSale offers a selection of 500+ different wines, without the high markups! Y

ou can literally shop hundreds of quality wines at a discount, all in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll receive your wines within days and every purchase comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. As they say: “If you don’t like the wine, we’ll make it right!”

Price: Starts at $7.95 per bottle

Best Wine Club with Mystery Wine Boxes: Wine Awesomeness

A summer mystery wine box from Wine Awesomeness surrounded by various wine bottles against a pink backdrop

For each Wine Awesomeness club membership, you get 3-6 bottles of wine, access to new wines and unlisted small-batch runs, and FREE shipping + 20% off on your next order!

As you browse their wine collection on their website, you’ll find exclusive digital content called Wine Cellar Access that tells the stories behind each bottle they sell, the unique tasting notes, as well as recipe recommendations to pair with your wines. 

Wine Awesomeness also offers Mystery wine boxes, for those of you feeling adventurous!

Price: Wines start at $15 per bottle and Wine Club membership starts at $49 monthly

Best Large-Selection Wine Club: Wired for Wine

7 various kinds of wine bottles set in front of 5 other unopened bottles of wine

With a 90-point scoring system, Wired for Wine’s exclusive 90+ Wine Club curates the best of the best wines.

Their wine club prides itself in having all its wines rated 90+ by wine critics, which comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Wired For Wine promises to never send bulk wines in the club shipments, ever.

Tasting notes, serving suggestions, and food pairing suggestions are provided for each wine delivered.

P.S: they also sell sake!

Price: General wine starts from $6.97, but Wired for Wine’s 90+ Wine Club starts at $169.97 per quarter.

Best Blind Tasting Wine Subscription Box: Palate Club

Premium wines matched your taste, shipped when you want them. Easy. Palate Club

If you are fairly new to wine and are still figuring out what kinds of wine you like, Palate Club makes it easy with their Blind Tasting Kit.

Each kit comes with 4 half-bottles of red or white wine. When you get your box, just try out the wines, and rate them online.

Every time you rate a wine, Palate Club will learn more about which wine traits are most important to you.

As they learn more about your palate, they will adjust your monthly wine shipments to fit your palate preference. It’s like having your own sommelier!

Price: Wines start at $17.00 (first Blind Tasting kit is $59)

Best Wine Subscription Box for Women: Vine Oh

A Vine Oh! wine subscription box for women in the middle, surrounded by a bottle of white wine, a bottle of red wine, an XOXO eye mask, eye shadow palette, box of chocolates, and blue flower water bottle.

Looking for a wine subscription and self-care box all in one?

Vine Oh is a wine subscription box for women that sends $120 worth of wine and other fun surprises.

Each box will contain 2 full-sized bottles of California Wine (Red, White, Mix, or Sweet) and 5-6 full-sized surprise products (such as eye mask, bath bombs, eye shadow palette, face serum, wallet, and more!)

Price: Starts at $59.99 per box ($120 value) every 3 months

BONUS: Best Wine Clubs Alternative: Artisan Craft Cocktails

3 bottles of unopened cocktails from Artisan Craft Cocktails next to each other against a black and white flower backdrop

Okay, okay. Artisan Craft Cocktails may not be wine per se, but we thought their dessert cocktails deserved an honorable mention on this list!

Artisan Craft Cocktails specializes in dessert cocktails made with premium ingredients, designed to be served at the dining table (just like a bottle of wine!).

Each bottle is conveniently packaged and ready-to-drink. Just pour over ice and enjoy! 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Price: Starts at $49.99 for a trio box

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What’s your favorite wine clubs or wine subscription boxes? Please leave a comment below – I’d love to know!!

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