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The Best Italian Red Wines for Your Next Date Night

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Ever wonder what the best Italian red wines are?

With so many high-quality Italian red wines available today, it can be hard to label just one type of wine as “the best.”

While taste preferences certainly play a huge role in determining the best Italian red wines for you, here are some of the best Italian red wines people have been loving, myself included!

These bottles come all the way from Tuscany, made by La Maliosa. They’re one of the only Italian wine producers that follow the legendary biodynamic guidelines called the Corino Method.

But seriously, the amount of intentionality and quality that goes into each of their wines make for the absolute best wine-drinking experience.

Going Beyond Organic Red Wines

If you’ve ever tried a glass of organic wine, you would agree that the organic process produces a better flavor. The same goes for Italian red wines.

Generally speaking, organic wine grapes have heartier skins that contain higher concentrations of antioxidants, such as polyphenols and resveratrol. Organic wines are also free of pesticides and herbicides common in many non-organic red wines.

But beyond just any type of organic wines, the best Italian red wines are those grown with the patented Corino Method like the Rosso Tuscan Italian red wine.

What is Metodo Corino?

The Metodo Corino, otherwise known as the Corino Method, is a wine-making technique that was trademarked by Lorenzo Corino and Antonella Manuli. This technique is characterized by an ultra-clean fermentation process which leaves very little residual sugar in the finished wine.

The Metodo Corino winemaking method is relatively uncommon in Italy but it has historically been used in many well-known Italian wine regions including Tuscany. Many of these regions are highly sought after by wine enthusiasts around the world due to their impressive wine-making tradition and their ability to produce wines that age well with time.

It is important to note that most wines do not fall into the Metodo Corino category because this method of winemaking requires a careful balance between strict grape selection, harvesting, and processing.

This is why the few wines that do are considered some of the best red wines by experts’ standards.

2018 La Maliosa Rosso Tuscan Red Wine – ABV 14%

Made primarily with organic Ciliegiolo grapes, this Italian red wine is an incredibly exclusive and rare bottle – and people love it for lots of good reasons.

Why we love the 2018 Rosso Tuscan Red Wine:

2019 Saturnia Rosso Tuscan Red Natural Wine – ABV 13%

Why we love the 2019 Saturnia Rosso Tuscan Red Wine:

Where Can I Buy La Maliosa’s Red Wines?

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Currently, one of the only ways to purchase a bottle (or a case!) of La Maliosa’s wines is through Vero, a US-based quality wine importer and online retailer.

While I certainly think that La Maliosa makes some of the best Italian red wines, Vero also sells different varieties to fit all taste preferences, including wine tasting sets and even award-winning olive oils to pair with your glass of Italian red wine!

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Which wines do you think are the best Italian red wines? Please leave a comment below – I’d love to hear!!

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