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7 Best Rice Cookers For Basmati Rice, Jasmine Rice, and More

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If you’re looking for the best rice cooker for basmati rice, Jasmine rice, and other types of rice, look no further! We’ve done the research and found seven amazing rice cookers that are easy to use and does its job really well. They all have different features, but they all share one common goal: to make perfectly cooked rice every time.

Whether you’re looking for a simple cooker with just the basics, or something more advanced with tons of bells and whistles, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about each of these 7 best rice cookers!

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Why Do You Need a Rice Cooker?

You would think that rice is simple to prepare. And in some ways, it is.

Just measure and rinse however many cups of rice you want to cook, add it to the rice cooker, add a few cups of water (ratio depends on the type), let it simmer, and in less than half an hour, you’re done.

And yet, for a surprisingly large number of home cooks, the final product is often disappointing when cooking a pot of rice on the stovetop.

If not prepared correctly, rice can become:

  • Mushy: likely due to too much water
  • Hard in the middle: undercooked likely due to having a lot of rice and not enough liquid
  • Difficult to remove from the bottom of the pot: likely due to burnt rice from not having enough liquid and/or cooking for too long

In my house, the ultimate “let it soak overnight” offender—is never a pleasant thing to wake up to.

Yet, there is a designated solution for this all-too-common human error while cooking rice: rice cookers.

What Is A Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers, small and unassuming kitchen appliances, can take all the guesswork out of cooking rice. No more burned bottoms, no more mushy texture, or delicious rice going to waste.

Based on customer ratings and reviews, we’ve compiled a list of the best rice cookers on Amazon to cook perfect rice every time.

These rice cookers are all excellent choices for cooking rice because they have features like automatic shutoffs and keep-warm settings that help to ensure perfect results every time.

What is the Best Rice Cooker?

In my personal experience, the Zojirushi brand is my top pick for rice cookers. Not only does the Zojirushi brand make the most popular and best rice cookers in the market, its rice cookers also last a long time.

It’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you and your family eat a lot of rice. Personally, I eat rice every day, but I would also consider it a good investment if you plan to eat rice at least once a week.

Top Picks – Best Rice Cookers for Basmati Rice, Jasmine Rice, and More

Best Smart Rice Cooker: Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker

Out of all the rice cookers on this list, this higher-end Zojirushi rice cooker is one of the best rice cookers to cook all the different types of rice. It’s also the most expensive rice cooker on the list.

But here’s the thing: this is the best Japanese rice cooker because it cooks literally all kinds of rice perfectly every single time.

Just read through the customer reviews for this rice cooker. You’ll quickly realize that this smart Japanese rice cooker is a fan-favorite appliance to cook both short grain rice and long grain rice.

Why I Love This Rice Cooker:

  • This Zojirushi rice cooker features advanced fuzzy logic technology with Artificial Intelligence that will continuously learn and adjusts the cooking cycle to get your the perfect rice every time.
  • Amazing nonstick bowl for effortless cleaning! I’ve never had rice stick to the pot of this Zojirushi rice cooker.
  • Rice always comes out fluffy and delicious.
  • This particular Zojirushi model utilizes intuitive Pressure Cooking and Steaming to determine the pressure cooking levels needed.
  • BPA-free
  • Features a user-friendly LCD control panel
  • Intuitive menu settings include
    • white rice – regular
    • white rice – softer
    • white rice – harder
    • mixed rice
    • umami
    • sushi or sweet rice
    • Jasmine rice
    • Porridge
    • Brown rice
    • GABA brown rice
    • Steel cut oatmeal
  • Also has additional rinse-free and quick cooking settings for an even more effortless process.
  • Comes with a rice spatula and holder, plus 2 measuring cups (1 regular and 1 for rinse-free)

Fun fact: this particular rice cooker makes the best congee if that’s something you’re interested in making.

Best Overall Rice Cooker: Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

If I could only recommend 1 rice cooker to fit everyone’s needs and budgets, I would go with the Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker.

This rice cooker has all features you could want – at half of the cost of the smart rice cooker.

The Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker includes 9 cooking functions to prepare rice and grain dishes.

This rice cooker is designed with efficiency in mind: it has a nonstick inner pot with clear water line markings and a retractable cord for storing.

In addition, this Zojirushi Neuro cooker comes with a rice paddle holder that attaches to the rice cooker’s side to keep the countertops clean and a cheerful tune when the rice begins and finishes cooking.

This rice cooker was consistent in its results every time.

After you’ve finished supper, the rice cooker’s nonstick interior pot makes it simple to clean; the residues that accumulate at the bottom of the inner pot after cooking basmati rice or any other type of rice come off easily with a paper towel and hot water.

Why I Love This Rice Cooker:

  • This model comes in a smaller 5.5 cups capacity or larger 10-cups capacity
  • The nonstick bowl lives up to its hype – a true nonstick that lasts!
  • Can be wall-mounted if you’d like
  • Has additional useful settings like
    • automatic keep-warm function
    • extended keep-warm function
    • reheat function
  • LCD clock and timer
  • Retractable cord
  • Very consistent results. I’ve never had a bad batch of rice using this rice cooker. It always comes out perfectly fluffy

Fun Fact: Over 8,600 people recommend this rice cooker at a 5-star rating, I am one of them! (and yes, that is my 100% my own honest and unpaid review)

Best Small Rice Cooker: Zojirushi 3-Cup Rice Cooker

Individuals, couples, and college students love this rice cooker. I actually owned this particular model all through my college years and loved it for its simplicity.

For those who are looking to cook just small batches of rice, this rice cooker holds three cups of rice and has a small 9-inch diameter footprint for efficient storage.

Though it’s less complicated and smaller than other models on this list, the cooker’s sturdy construction, see-through glass, and removable lid are easy to clean, and the nonstick cooking pot is also dishwasher-safe.

The rice must be washed and drained before cooking, then all that’s left is the press the button. Keep in mind that there’s only 1 setting in this rice cooker, which can be a pro or con depending on your needs.

Why I Love This Rice Cooker:

  • This design is incredibly simple and easy to use
  • Has a stay-cool knob and a rubber grip on the lid for a cool touch when handling.
  • Keeps rice warm for up to 5 hours
  • Small size makes it easy to store
  • Just push the switch to start
  • When the rice is done cooking, the rice cooker automatically goes into its keep-warm mode 
  • Easy cleaning

Best Mid-Range Rice Cooker

CUCKOO CR-0655F Micom Rice Cooker

The Cuckoo rice cooker held 6 cups of uncooked rice and yielded a total of 12 cups of cooked rice.

The Cuckoo CR-0655F’s control panel is simple, especially for home chefs who want to utilize the pre-programmed settings for glutinous rice types, long-grain rice, and brown rice.

Plus, when it comes to cooking long-grain rice and brown rice, this rice cooker performed well. We were able to cook Jasmine rice and Basmati rice and both turned out great.

The rice cooker has various other features too: a steaming function for steaming dumplings and greens; a porridge function, a slow cooker in disguise; a baby food function; and a cleaning mode.

The Cuckoo can produce four to twelve cups of cooked white rice and four to eight cups of brown rice, making it ideal for families.

Disclaimer: The Zojirushi Rice cookers did outperform the Cuckoo. But for those looking to buy a rice cooker, this Cuckoo rice cooker is the best mid-range rice cooker. Especially for its price point, this large rice cooker worked great on our test basmati rice – and costs a fraction of the Zojirushi models!

Best Budget Rice Cookers for Basmati Rice, Jasmine Rice, and More

Dash Mini Rice Cooker

The Dash Mini Rice Cooker is a wonderful choice for rice newbies, and it works well in tiny places like dorm rooms or AirBnBs.

With an 8.5-inch diameter, 6.5-inch height build, and 2-cup capacity, this unit has a very small footprint.

As with most budget appliances, there are some nuances you need to learn as this Dash rice cooker is not as intuitive as the higher-end rice cookers.

For example, you’ll want to pay attention to the rice-to-water ratio carefully. Too much water will make your cooked rice lumpy and sticky, but with the right amount of water, the rice was fluffy and delicate.

But retailing at just around $20-30, we think this Dash model is one of the better cheap rice cookers compared to other models at that price range – especially considering that a 1-year manufacturer warranty is included.

Aroma ARC-914SBD Digital Rice Cooker

For those on a budget but need larger capacity, the Aroma Rice Cooker is a great option.

It can cook 4 cups of uncooked rice and has 4 preset digital functions, including an automatic keep-warm function.

When we first tried cooking Basmati white rice in this rice cooker, the end result was nicely cooked, fluffy, and delicate, and there were clear individual rice grains.

However, when we tried it with brown rice, it turned out just okay. The starchy water did seep out of the steam vent every now and then, but overall it does fine for a budget cooker.

The black interior of the inner pot makes it a bit difficult to read the markings on the inside, but the upside is the rice cooker is dishwasher safe.

Overall, the Aroma rice cooker has all the characteristics that make it ideal for busy households: simple to operate, easy to clean, and includes complimentary accessories: a steamer tray, measuring cup, and rice paddle.

Best Rice Cooker Alternative

Instant Pot Duo 7-1 Pressure Cooker

The Instant Pot Duo is one of the best rice cooker alternatives because its price is comparable to the best single-function rice cookers, like Zojirushi, but offers additional cooking functions.

However, if you just plan on using the “rice” function on the Instant Pot Duo, we would still suggest one of the dedicated rice cookers we mentioned above as it still yielded the best cooked rice (super fluffy and foolproof to make).

The instruction manual for the Instant Pot Duo provides a rice-to-water ratio you should follow depending on the type of rice, but it doesn’t give any specific instructions for using the “rice” function.

When using the Instant Pot, white rice (including Basmati rice) cooks in around 10 minutes at pressure, while brown rice takes a bit longer at 20 minutes of pressure.

While the actual “cooking time” is significantly shorter than all of the other rice cookers’ cook times, do keep in mind that the Instant Pot takes time to come to pressure – about an additional 5-15 minutes depending on how much rice you are cooking.

I love my Instant Pot for cooking all kinds of dishes, so if you are looking for a multi-function appliance that also serves as a rice cooker, the Instant Pot could be a good fit for you.

The Verdict: What Rice Cooker Should I Buy?

The best rice cooker is the Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB, followed closely by the Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy. If you have the budget to spare and want the absolute best rice cooker, go with one of these.

The Zojirushi 3-Cup Rice Cooker is a wonderful choice for college students or those with small apartments, as it doesn’t take up much counter space and performs wonderfully.

If you can’t bring yourself to spend more on one of the Zojirushi Japanese rice cookers, I recommend the CUCKOO CR-0655F Micom Rice Cooker.

If you are looking for a budget option, the Aroma ARC-914SBD Digital Rice Cooker and Dash Mini Rice Cooker are great choices on this list. Both are simple to use and are great basic rice cookers.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one appliance to cook rice with, the Instant Pot Duo 7-1 Pressure Cooker is a great alternative. However, if you’re only looking to use the “rice” function, we suggest one of our other top picks.

Do you have a favorite rice cooker that didn’t make our list? Let us know below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are Japanese rice cookers better?

There are a few reasons Japanese rice cookers are considered to be some of the best.

At typically a higher price point than most non-Japanese rice cookers, these Japanese appliances are made with high-quality materials and an unparalleled workmanship when it comes to producing rice cookers.

A lot of the Japanese brands also have a precise thermostat built-in their rice cookers so you can get perfect rice every time. They also come with special features like a “keep warm” function specifically for rice that prevents your rice from overcooking. Plus, they’re easy to use, and most yield fluffy rice.

Which brand rice cooker is best?

A lot of people would agree that Zojirushi is the best brand for rice cookers.

Which rice cooker is best for basmati rice?

The best rice cookers for basmati rice is the Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB or Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy.

Can you cook basmati rice in a rice cooker?

Yes! For best results, first research the type of rice cooker you’re using as different sizes and different settings can affect the cook time and cooking process of your basmati rice.

I love cooking basmati rice in a rice cooker as it’s simple and requires less active cook time.

Looking for Easy Rice Recipes?

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