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Here’s Why You Should Dream Big

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here's why you should dream big

For the person reading this, let me just say — don’t ever stop DREAMING.

It may be tough now, but I know you got this. What God has purposed for you, He has ALREADY equipped you with something so incredibly rare that only YOU can do. And you know what? This world needs you!

Here’s why you should dream, and dream BIG.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been reflecting on this season of my life. From graduating college, starting a photography business, moving to Kansas, getting married, renting an apartment, traveling to Seattle, getting promoted to director of marketing, making new friends, starting a blog, and buying a house, oh boy is there SO much to be thankful for!!

But here’s the thing — between all the mountain highs and accomplished dreams are the lowest of lows and the darkest of times. For the longest time, I wrestled again and again with the thought of “i’m not good enough” “it’s too late” “others are better than me” And so I stayed still, kept quiet, and pushed through the sea of settling. And while I believe there’s so much to be valued about contentment, I think there’s also so much value in dreaming with God, with open hands. For so long, I’ve let all sorts of “what if’s” and my crippling fear of others’ opinion move me to inaction – even when i knew that God had SO much more in mind for my life.  And no, this is not an entry for prosperity gospel, but rather a testimony of how powerful a childlike, open-handed faith can do — not for self gain, but for the greater testimony. 

This last year has been nothing short of redemptive, and oh so healing. With the HUNDREDS of job rejection letters come also the handful of job offers that end up being better than I could have ever wished for. With criticism over getting married at 22 years young come also the GIFT of doing life with my best friend, and the freedom that comes with following God’s will over all else. With struggling with immense anxiety for years come also the opportunity to testify and inspire others now on the other side, and getting to be a mentor for those going through similar battles. With all the unexpected health challenges that dotted this year come also the peace in knowing God’s got this (whatever “this” new thing is) — and to see miracles after miracles come to fruition (and if not, to find contentment and peace in His care). With the experiences of being left out, gossiped about, and betrayed by close friends come also the sweet joy of everlasting friendship with Christ and increasing appreciation for the ones that stay. With going through a really severe financial difficulty in college come also the discipline of saving, of appreciating the simple things, and now the blessing of giving to others who go through the same. With the unseen hours and hours spent building my businesses and working my job without seeing the hoped-for results come also the sweet breakthrough at the end of the long-walked road.

here's why you should dream big, inspiration motivation dreaming

Gosh what a difficult journey it’s been. But man am I thankful that God never let the fire within me die in complacency. This year has been full of breakthroughs, and it’s been through a winding road that’s led me here today. 

So here I am again – dreaming BIG, praying harder, and obeying even WHEN it’s difficult (as it often is). Following all that God has put in my heart. And it’s certainly not because I finally feel like I’m good enough, but because I know that God didn’t put a dream inside a little girl’s heart that He Himself won’t bring to completion. At the end of the day, my wish is when people ask “how”, i can answer “Who”. So dream on my friends, dream BIG! Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying — because at the end of the day, you’re not alone in this. You’ll find that the impossible is often very possible indeed <3

Cheering you on, 


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