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30 Best Electric Pizza Ovens Customers Love!

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Here are 30 of the best electric pizza ovens loved by customers for their fantastic performance and amazing results.

After visiting Italy a few years ago, I’ve been absolutely hooked on homemade pizzas – I could eat them every day! And if you’re a pizza enthusiast looking to up your pizza game too, let me tell you that these top-rated electric pizza ovens are a game changer for delicious, piping-hot pizzas.

With a variety of features and sizes to choose from, electric pizza ovens are an easy way to cook delicious pizzas in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the best electric pizza ovens available on the market!

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What Is An Electric Pizza Oven?

An electric pizza oven is a masterpiece of modern innovation! Instead of having to visit a pizzeria or order out each time you want a properly cooked pizza, you can have your own conveniently sized pizza maker ready in a snap.

No more waiting for wood to burn down, no mess, no fuss. Just flick a switch, and your electric pizza oven will get the job done.

Perfect for busy pizza lovers who prefer watching a movie while enjoying freshly baked, homemade pizzas rather than spending hours making them.

Electric pizza makers are compact, conveniently sized countertop appliances that are an ideal gift for yourself or any other enthusiastic pizza cooks you know. My husband Evan and I love ours!

Criteria For Choosing The Best Electric Pizza Oven

No one wants to have a rarely-used kitchen appliance taking up valuable counter space, so when choosing an electric pizza oven, it is important to choose one that will best fit your needs.

Even if you are a pizza junkie, you may need your electric oven to be more versatile and also be able to reheat or cook other food.

When checking out these electric pizza oven options – all of which received great reviews from customers – keep the following criteria in mind:

  • The size of the unit. The capacity needs to be just right to make enough pizza for your family.
  • How easy is it to clean? Some models have a removable crumb tray which is helpful during cleanup.
  • Versatility. Does it only cook pizza, or can it also be used to cook other food items?
  • Temperature. To get authentic tasting, crispy crust pizza requires extreme, evenly distributed high temperatures. Check the control unit – can you control the top and bottom separately?
  • Is it aesthetically pleasing? Unless you buy a small model, you may not want to move it around after each use, so you might care about how it looks on your kitchen countertops.
  • Safety. High temperatures mean that safety needs to be a top priority, especially if you have young children. What safety features does the electric pizza oven come with?
  • Warranty. When making a purchase, check that you are satisfied with the warranty on the appliance.

Each home will have unique criteria requirements, and you cannot compare apples with oranges. Check which criteria are most important to you and look for them in the product reviews below.

Electric Vs. Wood Pizza Ovens

Although an electric pizza oven will never be able to replicate the woody taste of a wood-burning oven exactly, it is a lot more convenient. Electric pizza ovens are no mess, no fuss, fast and effective.

Whether you are making a pizza from scratch or heating frozen pizza, it can be cooked, crispy, and delicious at top speed. Outdoor ovens are great social gathering places during the summer, but when the weather outside is freezing, it just makes more sense to stay indoors.

Is An Electric Pizza Oven Worth It?

While you can bake a frozen pizza in the regular oven, most of us know that it doesn’t quite taste the same. There is a long process of waiting for a conventional oven to heat up to a high enough temperature, and then chances are that the pizza will cook unevenly.

Regular ovens also seldom bake pizzas evenly. They either get a blast of heat from the top that burns them or melt into a sloppy mess that runs all over the oven.

Electric pizza ovens take the guesswork out of creating perfect pizzas indoors. The crispy crust and melted cheese are guaranteed since this kitchen appliance is specifically designed for this purpose.

So YES, if you love pizza and want to be able to create restaurant-style pizza conveniently on your own kitchen countertop, an electric pizza oven is an absolute must-have item.

30 Best Electric Pizza Ovens

Let’s get on with finding the best electric pizza oven that fits your lifestyle. We have looked through the best electric pizza oven reviews to create this list of the 30 best models that you will absolutely love owning.

Wisco Industries, Inc 421 Pizza Oven

If you need speed, convenience, and bang for your buck, the Wisco Industries, Inc 421 electric pizza oven ticks all the boxes. Customers love the compact design and ease of use of this appliance.

What I love about this electric pizza oven:

  • Simple one-touch timer – rotary dial lets you adjust the cooking time.
  • Easy-to-clean tray
  • Compact with a chic stainless steel polished exterior
  • It can be used to cook other food like pies or hot pockets

Things to be aware of:

  • You can’t see inside during the cooking process
  • Single control heat setting, so you can’t adjust top and bottom temperatures
  • Perfect for one pizza at a time

Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Electric pizza oven technology is constantly evolving. There is no way that a few years ago, anyone would have imagined that an open, revolving-style pizza oven would work.

The Presto Pizzazz Plus doesn’t only work; customers love it! This simple design lets you see your pizza as it bakes so that you can remove it at precisely the correct level of baked perfection.

What I love about this rotating electric pizza oven:

  • It has a modern, trendy look and feel
  • Its super simple to clean
  • No need to preheat
  • The top and bottom heat settings can be individually controlled
  • It saves up to 60% of energy compared to a conventional oven
  • It can bake other items like chicken nuggets or fish fingers
  • Compact design so it is easy to store

With all these pluses, be aware of the following:

  • It can only hold a single pizza at a time, so it may be a little limiting for large families
  • It may take slightly longer than a sealed electric pizza oven
  • Some customer reviewers are frustrated that there isn’t an OFF button. Once the timer is set, the appliance must run its course or be disconnected from the wall.

All in all, this is an excellent choice, especially for singles or college students who need a small, versatile pizza oven at an affordable price.

PYY Electric Pizza Oven

This countertop pizza oven is a new release, so although it doesn’t have a lot of reviews yet, it shows a lot of promise. The overall design may look slightly more industrial than some other home pizza ovens. Still, it has all the essential features that make it a great option for anyone wanting to invest in an electric pizza oven.

What I love about the PYY:

  • This model was designed with ease of cleaning in mind! There is an easy-to-remove lower crumb tray, and the black wrinkle design is less likely to show greasy finger marks or oily splatters
  • The control settings are easy to understand and use – time and temperature are set with dials
  • It bakes pizzas quickly and evenly
  • It can also be used to bake cupcakes or bread – it’s like having a miniature convection oven, except it can heat up to much higher temperatures.

Things to be aware of:

  • You cannot see into the oven to check the progress of your food.
  • Top and lower heating elements cannot be set individually
  • The dark color may not match the rest of your kitchen appliances

Courant Pizza Maker

If you’re looking for the best electric pizza ovens that fit small spaces, this model is about as compact as they come. Although the cooking space is limited, and you will only be able to go up to a 12-inch pizza, it is remarkably efficient, easy to clean, and can be conveniently folded and stored.

Reviews on this product are overwhelmingly positive. All in all, a very handy, convenient little portable pizza oven that is easy to transport and can be plugged in anywhere. Also ideal for camping if you have an electricity connection.

Four things that I love about the Courant Pizza maker:

  • It is the ultimate low-fuss, easy-to-use pizza oven
  • It is compact and easy to store
  • Compared to most other pizza ovens, it is an inexpensive option, so perfect if you only enjoy an occasional pizza night.
  • It gives pizza crust a nice crispy crunch

Three points to be aware of when considering this model:

  • It doesn’t give you much control – it’s either on or off.
  • It may take longer than some other pizza makers
  • The round shape may be limiting

Courant Pizza Maker With Timer And Temperature Control

You may be wondering why I am reviewing the exact same product! Although this pizza maker is similar to the previous model, this is the Big Brother version.

Courant added a timer and temperature control function to their simple winning basic design. The result is an Amazon’s Choice machine that is elegant, easy to use, and will consistently bake your pizza to delicious perfection.

It is a little more expensive than the basic model, but the adjustable temperature and built-in timer functions are great features that are definitely worth the extra outlay.

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

For gourmet pizza with an authentic wood-fired, brick oven taste, Breville Smart Oven is in a league of its own. This high-end pizza oven comes with several preset pizza styles, so you can choose Wood Fried, New York, Pan, or thin and crispy by simply turning a dial.

Things that I love about this pizza oven:

  • It is an electric option that delivers a result most similar to wood-fired ovens
  • Maximum temperature of 750 degrees Fahrenheit – your pizza will think it is inside a wood-burning outdoor pizza oven
  • Radiant heat produces the distinctive spotted crust of a traditional pizza oven

The downside?

It is a lot more expensive than most of the other electric pizza ovens featured and is definitely in the high price range. Other negative points are that some customers feel that the opening is too small, and the extreme heat produced may be a little too powerful for their countertops.

Professional Series Pizza Oven

One of my top picks for easy-to-use indoor pizza ovens is this nifty 12-inch pizza oven from Professional Series. Only one control button sets the amount of time you want your food to cook.

Just slide your pizza into the oven on the stainless-steel rack, and in less than 10 minutes, your pizza will be cooked to golden perfection. Although this model has no viewing window, I like the system’s simplicity.

VEVOR Commercial Countertop Pizza Oven

The VEVOR pizza oven is an excellent addition to any busy family kitchen, club, snack bar, or even a small business. This is a tough, no-nonsense machine that is up to the task of creating a lot of delicious pizzas.

There is no need to preheat the VEVOR. The temperature inside the unit quickly reaches 350F, and the heat between the top and bottom elements can be individually controlled. I love the viewing window, which allows me to see my pizza cooking evenly on the pizza stone inside.

Betty Crocker Countertop Pizza Maker

You can’t go wrong with a classic! The Betty Crocker Countertop Pizza maker has a mass of positive reviewers who can’t get enough of this simple, non-stick pizza oven.

This versatile bright red pizza maker is eye-catching and easy to store. The manufacturers even recommend using it as an electric skillet. Things that customers love about it are that it is:

  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • Versatile

I love that it is a solid, compact machine with a sturdy design. It is an affordable option for home cooks that love simplicity.  

Serious pizza makers may be frustrated at its simplicity. There is no way to control the temperature. A simple green light lets you know when your pizza is ready.

CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven

This pizza oven is a classic! It is a great gift for anyone who loves pizza and makes a delightful addition to any countertop.

This electric pizza maker is styled to resemble the outside of a pizza box. Its classic square shape and the simple, recognizable motif on the top adds a whimsical element to this useful kitchen appliance.

Inside this deceptive exterior is a 12-inch non-stick pizza cooking surface that can read 525F. Pizza perfection is guaranteed, along with plenty of smiles.

Hamilton Beach 12 Inch Red Pizza Maker

Customers love this product. Like other 12-inch circular shape countertop pizza ovens, the Hamilton can deliver piping hot, perfectly baked pizza without much mess or fuss, but it takes things a step further.

Red Hamilton Beach pizza makers have a viewing window built into the top. Not only that, but the pizza rotates while it is cooking, so you can monitor it every step of the way.

Chef Di Cucina Pizza Maker

This solidly built, stainless steel red electric pizza oven can instantly up your pizza game. The ceramic stone interior quickly heats up to 475F, and cleanup is a snap.

I like that this pizza oven sits higher off the countertop. It makes cleaning any spills or grease marks much easier. Stainless steel paddles are also included, so you can start baking fresh pizzas from the moment it arrives.

Kalorik Red High Heat Stone Pizza Oven

A stylish individual pizza oven that can quickly bake fresh dough or frozen pizzas to perfection. This foldable model has an upper heating element to brown the top, but unlike some other foldable models, it cannot be folded down and used as a griddle on both sides.

For a small pizza oven, the Kalorik packs a punch in terms of heat. This tiny unit can reach temperatures of 680F, and there is a large glass window, so you can keep a watchful eye on what is happening inside the small pizza inferno.

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Maker

Just when you thought pizza couldn’t get any better, Nickelodeon came up with a Ninja Turtles-themed electric pizza maker. As expected, it is a super basic, easy-to-use appliance that can hold a 12-inch pizza.

Customers have given this product a huge cowabunga, and two thumbs up. It also makes a great kitchen gadget gift for youngsters that love pizza. There is a power light and a green light that lets you know when the pizza is ready – this is an excellent choice for kids.

Commercial Chef Countertop Pizza Maker

68% Of Customers have given the Commercial Chef countertop pizza maker full marks. This easy-to-use, slick black appliance lets you create perfectly baked pizzas with the flick of a switch.

The Commercial chef can hold a 12-inch pizza and folds neatly for easy storage when not in use. The temperature for both sides of the machine can be controlled with a simple dial. The non-stick coating on the plate is a snap to clean.

HeHoGoGo Electric Pizza Maker

Although this is not a well-known brand, the HeHoGoGo pizza maker has ultra-basic styling that may appeal to many consumers. Two large knobs control temperature and heat on the front of the unit, so very little can go wrong while creating a pizza or cooking on the appliance.

A unique feature of the HeHeGoGo pizza maker is that you won’t only be able to bake delicious pizzas, but the unit can open up entirely and become two griddle plates. So it is like having a pizza maker, and two non-stick frying pans all in one!

Breville Pizza Maker

This is the best electric pizza oven in the compact oven category. It may look a little space age, but the silver Breville pizza maker is a small, professional machine that lets you create top-class pizzas on your kitchen countertop.

The Breville costs significantly more than other 12-inch countertop pizza makers, but it heats up to an impressive 650F. It includes a baking stone for more authentic brick-baked pizza pizzaz, and you may find yourself eating delicious pizza every night if you invest in one.

DECAKILA Pizza Maker

The DECAKILA pizza oven also doubles as two electric frying pans. It is used closed when baking a pizza but opens up flat for frying.

Like similar models, it folds neatly for storage so it won’t clutter your countertop. This machine also features a handy drip tray, so any greasy overflow is caught before it makes a mess.

Holstein Housewares

While this Holstein can’t bake large pizzas, it is one of the handiest electric pizza pocket makers around. Creating fresh, evenly baked mini pizzas for quick snacking can be a snap with this versatile countertop appliance.

I love that it comes in such a wide range of fun colors and is so handy and cute. It is a great gift idea as it can bake everything from perfect omelets to mini apple turnovers.

Nostalgia Retro Large Capacity Oven

This retro-style electric countertop oven adds a touch of nostalgic charm to your kitchen. While it is not a dedicated pizza oven, it makes our lineup because it does the job perfectly.

The classic red or aqua color styling includes a large oval shape window that lets you see your pizzas while they are cooking. There are two shelves, so it is large enough to simultaneously accommodate 2 x 12-inch pizzas.

The heat settings are adjustable, and there is a setting specifically marked for baking pizza perfectly.

Elite Gourmet Double French Door Countertop Oven

The Elite double-door countertop oven is a versatile choice for anyone who needs to bake more than just pizzas. The unusual two-door style gives this oven a stylish appearance.

There are three levels inside the oven that lets you cook 3 x 12-inch pizzas simultaneously. The temperature can be set to a maximum of 450F – it’s a small oven that packs a lot of heat.

Kratos 29M-004 Countertop Electric Pizza Oven

The Kratos 29M is for anyone who wants a pizza oven that can get the job done without much fuss. This model only has one temperature setting – when it is on, it will heat to 450F.

While that is a good thing for most pizzas, it does mean that it may not be terribly versatile if you want to cook something else that requires a slightly lower temperature. However, it is perfect for anyone who needs to make pizza for lots of people.

Another slight con for me is that this model looks a little industrial. However, customers love that it is easy to use and clean and are giving this affordable electric pizza maker their stamp of approval.

PYY Commercial Pizza Oven

If you love seeing your pizza while it is cooking, the PYY commercial pizza oven may be just what you need. Don’t be put off by the word commercial in the name. This pizza oven is ideal for anyone with a big family who needs to use their appliance for more than just baking pizza.

What I love about this pizza oven:

  • The cooking options are limitless – upper and lower elements can be individually controlled, so you can add a little extra crunch to your pizza crust without burning the top
  • I love being able to stay updated on the progress of my pizza through the viewing window
  • It comes with a baking stone to create the perfect pizza baking surface
  • It has an interior light so you can monitor your pizza-baking process and see what is going on in the back of the oven
  • It is suitable for home and commercial use

This pizza oven may be a bit too big for some households, but it is perfect if you need a versatile option from a trusted brand.

Shikha 16 Inch Commercial Pizza Oven

This pizza oven may be a little bit too big for some kitchens. However, it is highly versatile, and you can use it to prepare all sorts of other food. So, besides having an excellent pizza oven capability, it can also reliably broil, bake and roast like a regular electric oven.

For pizza lovers, the Shikha is an excellent choice for baking extra-large pizzas. It heats up quickly, and temperatures can be adjusted individually for the top and bottom of the oven.

I am a huge fan of having a viewing window, as it makes the cooking experience feel a lot more authentic. It is not recommended for someone who only needs a pizza oven but is a great choice if you occasionally need extra oven space.

Lafati Indoor Pizza Oven

Why have one pizza when you can have two? Although the double-decker Lafati Electric pizza oven may be too big for small households, customers are giving it great reviews.

Each of the two doors opens independently and has a viewing window. It is perfect if you need to keep multiple pizzas coming out, as you will always have one hot and fresh.

This pizza oven can also bake pies and pastries, making it an ideal choice for small businesses or settings like hostels or busy tearooms.

ZXMT Commercial Pizza Oven

Another double-door electric pizza oven that has consistently received excellent reviews is the ZXMT Pizza oven. The sleek stainless steel exterior fits perfectly in a range of settings and can look both homely and professional.

It’s definitely one of the best electric pizza ovens!

The ZXMT features a rapid preheating system with a maximum temperature setting of 350F. That is not as hot as many dedicated pizza ovens, but it is certainly hot enough to deliver consistently gooey and delicious pizzas.

COMFEE Small Toaster Oven

When pizza is just one item on your menu, the COMFEE toaster oven gives you plenty of options. There is a temperature control that gives you complete control of the top and bottom elements, which is always a useful feature when baking pizza.

This versatile appliance is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a small oven that can multitask. The stainless-steel exterior looks modern, and the unit is easy to clean.

Oster Toaster Oven

The Oster Toaster oven is a fully digital option that looks a lot like a double-layer microwave. However, the interior is roomy enough to fit two large pizzas, and the appliance has settings to make baking them an effortless operation.

Although this machine is not specifically designed for pizzas, it is packed with handy features. You can even use it to make toast or roast a chicken on days when you need a break from pizza.

Omni Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

Air fryers are trending at the moment, and we didn’t want to leave them off our list. While it’s not quite an electric pizza oven, the solid black Omni Air Fryer adds convenience and pizza-making functionality to your kitchen.

This nifty gadget has seven functions: bake, roast, grill, toast, warm, air fry, broil, and it works as a convection oven. It has the capacity to fit a 12-inch pizza and, with a maximum heat setting of 450F, can cook it to perfection.

Crosson CPO-160

This pizza oven from Crosson has a larger-than-usual door which is a great feature. It can accommodate pizzas of up to 16 inches, so this is a great choice for lovers of large thin crust crispy pizzas.

Although this model has a nice oven viewing window and is durably constructed, there are a lot of dials and switches on the control panel. That may be a little overwhelming for anyone who just wants a quick and easy way to bake pizza.

However, I love this oven because it has all the features required to make great pizza, like high maximum temperature. You may even get the distinctive mottled leoparding on the crust during baking.

VERDICT: What’s The Best Electric Pizza Oven?

There are a lot of electric pizza ovens to choose from! The best one depends on individual requirements, personal preference, countertop space, and of course…budget!

However, if we must choose, here are our four top pics:

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