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10 Best Seattle Coffee Shops

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Seattle is a city that loves its coffee. It’s not just famous for being the birthplace of a certain big-name coffee chain (ahem.. Starbucks) – it’s a city where coffee is practically a religion. From the historic Pike Place Market to the bustling streets of Downtown Seattle, there are coffee shops in so many places – each one amazing in its own merit.

We’ve loved exploring the city to find all the best coffee shops in Seattle – here are 10 of our personal favorites.

Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace is one of the best coffee shops in Seattle for espresso lovers. With over 30 years of history, this place is a pioneer in the art of espresso making.

They’ve been perfecting their craft since the ’90s, and let me tell you, you can tell by their freshly brewed coffee. The place has a real Seattle feel to it and local baristas are really nice.

If you’re an espresso purist, you need to check this place out. Plus, they make this cinnamon espresso that’s just amazing.

Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Company

With four locations in Seattle, Zoka is a cozy, family-owned shop that has a warm, welcoming feel. They roast their own beans and are known for their blends and single-origin beans.

The Green Lake location is our favorite, with plenty of space to sit and enjoy your drink. They also have a great selection of teas if you prefer that instead.

My husband Evan finds that Zoka is one of the best coffee shops in Seattle for their drip coffee – it’s full-bodied and rich, just like a great cup of joe should be.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Seattle is home to Starbucks (yes, the original Starbucks). But a variety of Starbucks coffee shop stands out: Starbucks Reserve. With only seven locations in six cities worldwide, these Reserve coffee shops are way fancier than your average Starbucks – and offer more than coffee.

Every time we have people visit us in Seattle, we always take them here (the Capitol Hill location). The prices are a bit higher but totally worth it. You can find third-wave quality coffee with single-origin coffee beans and pour-over methods. Best of all, they have “experiences” that you can’t find in any other Starbucks locations!

Fun fact: you get a keepsake card that tells you where your coffee came from and more details on what you’re sipping on. We collect these cards and use them as bookmarks!

Slate Coffee Bar

Slate Coffee Bar is another great option in the Seattle coffee scene. It’s modern, sleek, and unique. They do things a bit differently, like serving a latte in parts so you can taste everything separately.

It’s a neat coffee experience and Slate Coffee Bar is the perfect spot in Seattle if you’re looking to try something new.

Fresh Flour

If you’re the southern part of the Seattle area, Fresh Flour in Beacon Hill is a surprisingly fantastic coffee shop and bakery. It’s actually become a go-to spot for me to get work done. Their lattes are delicious and consistent, and they have a killer pastry menu with around 20 different options.

You can find me sipping a light roast (they have two kinds of drip coffee!) while nibbling on a croissant. It’s a smaller spot, so there aren’t a ton of tables inside, but they’ve got a nice outdoor seating area to soak in the sun when it’s out.

They also have a cool rewards program, Onda Origins points. It’s basically like Starbucks points, but for local Seattle coffee shops—win-win!

Victrola Coffee

All four Victrola Coffee locations feel like your best friend’s living room—warm, inviting, and perfect for a chat or some productive “me time.” The Victrola brand is a local favorite Seattle coffee shop that’s known for its serious approach to coffee.

They roast their beans on-site, which means you’re always getting a fresh cup. Keep in mind that they usually get pretty busy between 10-4 PM.

Ask when they’re hosting their next cupping sessions, where you can taste and learn about different coffees. So much fun!

Café Allegro

A hidden gem in the University District, Café Allegro holds the title of Seattle’s oldest espresso bar. We love that the cafe has a super cool, laid-back environment that’s perfect for getting some work done.

Their staff is also really friendly each time I go there. Give their espresso drinks a try 🙂

Fuel Coffee

Fuel Coffee is a popular coffee shop in Seattle. It has a friendly neighborhood vibe and a great drip coffee. I swung by Fuel Coffee one Friday morning at 7am, and loved how it felt like walking into a hip coffee spot.

I tried their drip coffee and it was delicious. The medium roast had a fantastic flavor to it. They use beans from a local roaster, and they grind them fresh every morning. 

Overall, Fuel Coffee is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. The coffee is delicious, the atmosphere is inviting, and the prices are reasonable.

Seattle Coffee Works

Seattle Coffee Works is another Seattle coffee shop that offers an amazing selection of beans from all over the world – like a mini world tour for coffee!

But what’s cool about this spot is its slow bar. It’s where you can experience and try out coffee in different brewing styles.

It’s a cool spot if you’re into learning about different kinds of coffee. It also helps that the people working there really know their stuff 🙂

Lighthouse Roasters

Lighthouse is one of those classic, no-nonsense coffee spots. They’ve been roasting and serving coffee since the ’90s.

The place has a very local, unpretentious vibe. It’s all about the coffee here, which is consistently excellent. They roast in small batches, so every cup is fresh and full of flavor.

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Are there any other coffee shops you love in Seattle? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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