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30 Awesome Sweet Potato Recipes (Sweet & Savory Options)

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If you’ve only had sweet potatoes in the classic Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole, you are in for a treat! Sweet potatoes aren’t just a side dish; they’re the whole darn meal if you want them to be—and dessert too. They’re versatile, nutritious, and oh so delicious. Here are 30 best sweet potato recipes to prove just how awesome they really are. Let’s dig in!

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30 Best Sweet Potatoes Recipes of the Year

Grandma’s Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Fall Thanksgiving pie on a plate with whipped cream

When you’re craving some good ol’ comfort food, Grandma’s Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie never disappoints. The winning combo of sweet potato, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, coupled with a flaky pie crust, transports me back to grandma’s kitchen every time! Add a dollop of whipped cream for the best experience.

Easy Sweet Potato Pone

Sweet Potato Pone Slices

This traditional Caribbean dessert brings out the natural sweetness of sweet potatoes, which pairs perfectly with cozy spices and molasses. The Easy Sweet Potato Pone is moist, dense, and full of fall flavors —a humble yet super-delicious treat that your family will adore.

Authentic Purple Sweet Potato Klepon (Indonesian Sweet Rice Ball)

purple sweet potato klepon, plated

As someone who grew up in Indonesia, I grew up buying purple sweet potato klepons from street vendors – they are the best! Chewy, sweet rice balls are filled with palm sugar and coated in grated coconut – the sugar literally bursts in your mouth when you bite into it, so good!

Southwest Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Rice Skillet

One of my favorite savory sweet potato recipes is this easy southwest skillet. You’ll need sweet potatoes, black beans, and fluffy rice for a satisfying one-pan meal. Add some spice with chili powder and cumin, and finish it off with a squeeze of lime and fresh cilantro for a Southwest-style feast that’s both nutritious and delicious.

Vegan Sweet Potato Cakes

These Vegan Sweet Potato Cakes are packed with nutrients and are vegan too! I like making them ahead of time and reheat for a quick lunch, dinner, or afternoon snack. Serve with a side of salad or on top of rice!

20-Minute Smoked Sausage with Sweet Potato and Fried Onion

A sweet potato recipe that’s ready in just 20 minutes? Yes, please! Smoky sausage, hearty sweet potato, and caramelized onions come together nicely in a sweet and savory one-pan dish. Perfect for those busy weekday dinners when you don’t have much time.

Mexican Sweet Potato Skins – Vegan

Looking for a tasty appetizer or a light lunch option? These Mexican Sweet Potato Skins are one of the best sweet potato recipes for it. Stuffed with corn, black beans, and spices, then topped with your choice of cheese, these loaded skins pack a punch of flavor.

Sweet Potato Fritters with Bacon and Green Onions

Here’s a brunch-friendly sweet potato recipe that’s honestly great for any time of day. Crispy sweet potato fritters and smoky bacon? Say no more! Serve with a side of sour cream or your favorite dip.

Chipotle Sweet Potato Quinoa Tacos

Host a Taco Tuesday with these Chipotle Sweet Potato Quinoa Tacos. Spicy chipotle peppers, sweet potatoes, and protein-rich quinoa make for a wholesome, filling, and downright delicious meal!

Sweet Potato Tortillas and Wraps

Ditch the store-bought tortillas and try these homemade Sweet Potato Tortillas instead. Not only are they gluten-free and vegan, but their slight sweetness pairs really well with a variety of fillings, from sautéed veggies to grilled chicken and more. The possibilities are endless!

Chili + Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Lime Juice

Sweet, spicy, and tangy, these Chili + Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes make for a great sweet potato recipe. The honey and chili powder create a nice glaze on the sweet potatoes, while the lime juice adds a refreshing zing. They’re the perfect addition to buddha bowls and more!

Healthy Sweet Potato Gnocchi

These Healthy Sweet Potato Gnocchi are light, fluffy, and packed the nutrients of sweet potatoes. Toss them in your favorite sauce for a comforting, homemade Italian dinner.

Chili Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes

Think of this as your favorite chili and baked potato all in one. Hearty, spicy chili is generously scooped onto baked sweet potatoes for a meal that’s satisfying and packed with flavor. Top with cheese, sour cream, and green onions. I like to make it a DIY sweet potato chili bar.

Sweet Potatoes With Tahini Butter Recipe

This recipe showcases sweet potatoes in their simplest, most delicious form. Roasted until they’re caramelized and tender, then drizzled with a savory tahini butter, these sweet potatoes make for a simple and delicious side dish that could easily steal the spotlight.

Sheet Pan Lemon Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Avocado Goddess Sauce

This Sheet Pan Lemon Chicken offers a complete meal in one pan. Juicy lemon chicken and sweet potatoes are roasted together, then drizzled with a creamy avocado goddess sauce. It’s a healthy, delicious dinner with minimal clean-up required!

Ginger Sweet Potato and Coconut Milk Stew with Lentils and Kale

This sweet potato stew is so cozy and one of my favorite sweet potato recipes for Fall. It combines sweet potatoes, lentils, and kale in a creamy coconut milk broth. The ginger adds a nice touch, making this stew a wonderful warm hug on a chilly day.

Sweet Potato Lentil Salad with Pistachio Salsa and Tahini-Lime

This sweet potato lentil salad is a great sweet potato recipe when you’re craving a warm salad. Roasted sweet potatoes provide a sweet contrast to earthy lentils, while a tangy tahini-lime dressing ties everything together. The pistachio salsa on top adds a nice crunch and another layer of flavor to the mix.

Spinach, Ricotta + Sweet Potato Tart

This sweet potato tart is a fantastic showstopper for any dinner party. Its eye-catching layers of thinly sliced sweet potatoes, spinach, and creamy ricotta are all wrapped in a crispy tart shell. And it looks so pretty!

Sweet Potato Latkes with Gochujang Mayonnaise

Spice up your regular potato latkes with this Korean-inspired version. Sweet potatoes gives a twist to the traditional latkes, while the gochujang mayonnaise adds a little heat. Crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside, these latkes are great to serve as a snack or a side dish.

Chicken Sweet Potato Curry

If you’re looking for a comforting one-pot sweet potato recipe, this chicken sweet potato curry is for you. Tender chunks of chicken and sweet potatoes are cooked in a rich and creamy curry sauce – incredibly delicious. Serve it with some fluffy rice or naan bread for a satisfying meal.

Spicy Parsnip and Sweet Potato Soup

Kick-start your chilly evenings with this spicy parsnip and sweet potato soup. Sweet potatoes and parsnips provide a naturally sweet base, while a dash of chili adds a warming kick. It’s a velvety, flavor-packed soup that’s both comforting and nutritious.

Cranberry Pecan Sweet Potato Wild Rice Pilaf

Transform your dinner table with this sweet potato wild rice pilaf. This dish combines wild rice with sweet cranberries, crunchy pecans, and diced sweet potatoes for an easy way to introduce a splash of color and a ton of flavor to any meal.

Crispy Cauliflower Tzatziki Bowls with Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy cauliflower, tangy tzatziki, and sweet potato fries come together to create a satisfyingly crunchy and flavorful dish. Whether for lunch or dinner, this dish offers a well-balanced, tasty meal.

Chili-Lime Sweet Potato Gratin

Spice up your regular potato gratin with this Chili-Lime Sweet Potato Gratin. Thinly sliced sweet potatoes are layered and cooked with a tangy chili-lime cream. It’s a refreshing twist on the classic gratin – one of the best sweet potato recipes for potlucks.

Smashed Sweet Potatoes

Smashed sweet potatoes are another simple side that goes well with virtually any main dish. These potatoes are boiled until tender, then smashed and roasted until crispy. The final touch is a drizzle of garlic butter that makes all the difference. This is a recipe that might just make sweet potatoes your new favorite side dish.

Sloppy Joe Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This creative take on the classic Sloppy Joes swaps the traditional buns with sweet potatoes. The sweet potato slices are filled with the meat mixture and topped with fresh greens for a balanced meal. It’s a fun and nutritious twist on an all-time favorite.

Honey Sweet Potato Summer Salad

This Honey Sweet Potato Summer Salad combines roasted sweet potatoes, arugula, and fresh blueberries along with a drizzle of honey vinaigrette. Great for a light lunch or side dish.

Whole30 Steak Bites with Sweet Potatoes and Peppers

These steak bites with sweet potatoes and peppers make for a healthy sweet potato recipe. Tender, juicy steak bites with perfectly roasted sweet potatoes and bell peppers. It’s a colorful, protein-packed dish that’s satisfying and delicious.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Casserole

This Sweet Potato Black Bean Casserole is a delicious vegetarian main that’s packed with flavor. Layers of sweet potatoes, black beans, and cheese are baked to perfection. It’s a great dish to serve for a crowd, or to make as a meal prep for the week.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Last but not least, these grilled sweet potatoes are my personal favorite sweet potato recipe for a barbecue or outdoor gathering. The sweet potatoes are sliced, grilled until charred, and then tossed in a flavorful dressing. Serve them with your favorite grilled meats or vegetables.

Which one of these top sweet potato recipes is your favorite? And did we miss any you think should be included in this guide? Please leave a comment below – I’d love to hear!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the healthiest way to eat sweet potatoes?

Alright, if you’re looking for the best ways to eat sweet potatoes while keeping the health game strong, think about baking or roasting them. Baking preserves the natural sweetness and nutrients better than frying. Plus, toss them in a little olive oil and garlic powder, and you’ve got yourself a great side dish. It’s all the deliciousness without the guilt. Roasting on a sheet pan is another good option!

Are sweet potatoes good for diabetics?

You bet! Sweet potatoes are a good reason to celebrate if you’re watching your sugar. They have a lower glycemic index compared to regular potatoes, so they’re less likely to spike your blood sugar levels. Plus, the fiber content helps with slow sugar absorption. Still, moderation is key.

What goes well with sweet potatoes?

Oh man, where do I start? These root vegetables go well with so many things! Black beans and red onions make a hearty combo. Add a dollop of sour cream or Greek yogurt, and boom! Flavor town. And if you’re into roast chicken or pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes are a perfect side dish.

What dishes can be made from sweet potato?

The list is endless! One of my favorite sweet potato recipes is sweet potato casserole, which is a Thanksgiving dinner staple, along with green bean casseroles and pumpkin pie.

You can also make sweet potato fries, sweet potato pancakes, mashed sweet potatoes, or even sweet potato soup. If you’re feeling adventurous, how about some sweet potato cheesecake? The options are limitless!

Is baked sweet potato healthy for weight loss?

Yes! Baked sweet potatoes make for a delicious base for a weight-loss-friendly meal. They’re low in calories and high in fiber, which keeps you full for longer.

Just go easy on the butter and brown sugar. If you need it to be sweet, you can add a splash of maple syrup instead. But if you can, ditch the sugars and top it with a little bit of olive oil, salt, paprika, nutritional yeast, and fresh parsley instead.

Is it better to roast or boil sweet potatoes for pie?

Ah, the ultimate pie question! Roasting is the way to go if you’re after that natural sweetness and the best texture. Boiling can make them a bit watered down.

So, next time you’re making that best sweet potato pie for Christmas dinner, pop those spuds in a hot oven.

Is it faster to boil or bake sweet potatoes?

Boiling is quicker, no doubt. It takes about 20-30 minutes to boil sweet potatoes compared to the 45-60 minutes in the oven.

That said, if you’ve got the time, baking will allow the sweet potatoes to caramelize, which makes them taste better.

Do sweet potatoes trigger insulin?

Not really, they’re actually a better option for blood sugar control. Their lower glycemic index means they’re less likely to cause a quick insulin spike. But again, portion control is important.

What main dish goes well with sweet potato fries?

Sweet potato fries are a delicious side for any main course. They’re especially amazing with grilled meats like burgers or chicken. Or if you’re going the vegetarian route, they pair beautifully with a hearty vegetarian chili.

Is it healthier to leave skin on potatoes?

Yep, the skin’s got a lot of fiber and vitamins, like vitamin C. So, keep those skins on for some extra nutrition, whether you’re munching on regular potatoes or their sweet cousins.

Which potatoes are lowest on the glycemic index?

Sweet potatoes for the win! They’re generally lower on the glycemic index than regular potatoes, making them a better choice for blood sugar management.

Do sweet potatoes freeze well?

Yes! If you’ve got leftover baked sweet potato, sweet potato casserole, or any other leftovers from these sweet potato recipes, just put it in an airtight container and toss it in the freezer. They should be good to go for a few months.

How do you know if a sweet potato is ripe?

Look for firm, smooth skin with no cracks or bruises. Give it a squeeze; it should be hard to the touch. If you pick a good one, you’re ready to make sweet potato cubes, sweet potato wedges, or even a delicious sweet potato salad.

30 Awesome Sweet Potato Recipes (Sweet & Savory Options)

If you’ve only had sweet potatoes in the classic Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole, you are in for a treat! Sweet potatoes aren’t just a side dish; they’re the whole darn meal if you want them to be—and dessert too. They’re versatile, nutritious, and oh so delicious. Here are 30 best sweet potato recipes to prove just how awesome they really are. Let’s dig in!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Appetizer, Breakfast, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine American, Italian
Calories 102 kcal


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Calories: 102kcal
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