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Ducasse Sur Seine review – The Best Dinner Cruise in Paris

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This month, my husband, my mom, and I finally got to see what the Ducasse Sur Seine dinner cruise was all about. And wow, it was something else! This is an experience that includes enjoying a seasonal fine-dining menu as you pass by the city’s iconic monuments down the Seine River on an electric boat.

Now, let’s break down why this is not just any dinner cruise, but THE dinner cruise you’ll want to brag about:

First Impressions

Right off the bat, the boat itself is a stunner. It’s a sleek, floating restaurant – what’s not to love? Stepping on board, I felt like I was entering a luxury dining spot. And the staff was super welcoming – they took our coats and were just pleasant and professional. They made us feel right at home.

My mom and I went to the top deck of the boat right before we set sail. I highly recommend it to take photos with the Eiffel Tower in the background!

All Aboard the Comfort Train

Expect all the creature comforts you didn’t know you needed. Air conditioning? Check. Accepting all major credit cards? Double-check. Insanely beautiful views of Paris? Double-check! Some of the best unique foods you’ve ever tasted? Check!

As we set off, the views were unreal. Viewing Paris from the river is a whole new level of awesome. The boat glided smoothly we hardly felt we were moving at all. I was impressed that no one spilled a drink!

About Ducasse & His Restaurants

Ducasse has opened 34 restaurants worldwide, each reflecting a different culinary theme, influenced by the individual chefs he chooses.

In 2018, Ducasse sur Seine was launched as the first 100% electric boat on the Seine, thanks to a partnership between Ducasse Paris, CitySurfing, and Caisse des Dépôts. It took 18 months and nearly 200 people to build this unique boat.

Designed by naval architect Gérard Ronzatti and styled by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman, the boat offers a smooth, silent ride down the Seine, allowing guests to enjoy Ducasse’s exceptional food in an innovative and eco-friendly way.

Paris Cruise Offerings

Ducasse sur Seine offers different experiences: a daytime “Déjeuner sur Seine” cruise with a 3 or 4-course menu, and an evening “Nuit Etoilée” dinner cruise with 4 or 5 courses.

Pro tip: the lunch cruises are more affordable but we’ve heard that the night cruise offers better views of Paris landmarks – and after going on the “Starry Night” cruise, we agree!

How Much Does Ducasse Sur Seine Cost?

Please note that these prices are current as of December 2023. Click here to see their current prices.

  • 3-Course Lunch Cruise: includes a choice of three starters, three mains, and three desserts
    • 105 € / guest
    • 160 € / guest to include wine pairing
  • 4-course Lunch Cruise with Wine Pairing: A cold starter, a hot starter, a fish or a meat, a dessert, champagne & food and wine pairing
    • 265 € / guest
  • 4-Course Dinner Cruise (OUR PICK): includes a cold and hot starter, a fish or meat main, and a dessert
    • 160€ / guest
    • 265€ / guest to include wine pairing
  • 5-Course Dinner Cruise: includes a hot and cold starter, a fish and a meat main and a dessert
    • 200€ / guest
    • 305€ / guest to include wine pairing

It’s good to note that water is extra. When we went, it costs 10€ per water bottle.

Ducasse Sur Seine – Review of Our Menu

Alain Ducasse, the culinary legend behind this floating restaurant, made sure our visit was nothing short of a Michelin-starred experience. The dinner menu was super innovative and we left feeling stuffed! It was a mix of classic French and modern twists. 

You can also opt for sommelier-selected wine pairings for an additional cost, but we stuck to the regular 4-course dinner this time around. I was surprised at how much “extra” food we got though – complimentary appetizers, bread and butter, and Here are all the things we tried!

Michelle’s Choices:

  • Chilled coco bean and black truffle pot
  • Rémoulade-style celeriac, green apple and Kristal caviar
  • Warm Guinea fowl and foie gras pâté, mixed salad
  • Pan-seared filet of John Dory, raw and cooked fennel, lemon and coriander
  • Paris chocolate and praline delight (the best!!)
  • Butter cookies to go

Evan’s Choices:

  • Chilled coco bean and black truffle pot
  • Salmon marinated with dill, horseradish, and crunchy radish
  • Cookpot of buckwheat, gourd, rosemary, and muscat grape
  • Seared loin of veal, rainbow carrots, marengo jus
  • Lightly-smoked fig composition, pollen, and honey ice cream
  • Butter cookies to go

Lya’s Choices:

  • Chilled coco bean and black truffle pot
  • Rémoulade-style celeriac, green apple and Kristal caviar
  • Cookpot of buckwheat, gourd, rosemary, and muscat grape
  • Blue lobster, red beetroot, blackcurrant, and purple oxalis
  • Paris chocolate and praline delight
  • Butter cookies to go

Is Ducasse Sur Seine Worth It?

We think it’s at least worth experiencing once! Where else can you dine in style while the Eiffel Tower plays peekaboo with you?

Plus, a lot of the other dinner cruises were packed full of people and I was really glad to have the ample space in this one! The views, the ambiance, the gentle sway of the Seine – it actually feels like being in a moving postcard lol.

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