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25 AWESOME Things to Do in Seattle When it Rains

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As a Seattle local, I know a thing or two about the rainy days in the Emerald city. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 25 awesome things to do in Seattle when it rains. 

Trust me, keep this guide handy so you’re always ready to make the most of your visit to Seattle – rain or shine.

From indoor adventures to cozy spaces perfect for escaping the rain, this guide is great for both longtime residents and people just visiting the city. 

So get your rain gear ready and let’s dive into the 25 best ways to spend a rainy day in Seattle!

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Best Indoor Activities To Do In Seattle When It Rains

Escape the rain and enjoy these fascinating indoor attractions that offer plenty of fun:

Discover world-class art and culture at the Seattle Art Museum

A cool activity you can do in Seattle when it’s raining out is to visit the Seattle Art Museum.

They have diverse exhibitions featuring modern, contemporary, and traditional art from various cultures. I loved that the museum’s collection spans different media and time periods.

Witness the stunning glass artwork at Chihuly Garden and Glass

Have you ever heard of Dale Chihuly? If not, you’re in for a treat! My parents-in-law are absolutely in love with his work – and the Chihuly Garden and Glass at the Seattle Center showcases some of his best works.

Browse through the exhibition hall, gallery, and lush garden featuring artist Dale Chihuly’s intricate glass sculptures. Make sure to visit the Glasshouse with its impressive centerpiece too!

Immerse yourself in pop culture at the Museum of Pop Culture

Showcasing everything from music, film, video games, and more, this museum offers interactive exhibits and memorabilia that will delight fans of all ages.

Learn and play at the Pacific Science Center

Perfect for the whole family, this interactive museum features exhibits on health, space, dinosaurs, and much more. Don’t miss the planetarium and IMAX theater for a unique learning experience.

Embrace the digital age at the Living Computers Museum

Dive deep into the history of computer technology, explore vintage computers, and get hands-on with interactive exhibitions. Try out classic video games and learn about future advancements in technology.

Best Activities for Foodies When It Rains in Seattle

Rainy days in Seattle are a great opportunity to explore the city’s flavorful food and drink scene. Here are some tasty indoor food adventures you’ll love.

Wander Around the Indoor Portion of Pike Place Market

Discover the iconic Pike Place Market, the city’s bustling hub for fresh seafood, produce, and specialty goods. Grab a steaming bowl of clam chowder or indulge in handcrafted pastries at local bakeries.  Don’t forget to enjoy the sights and sounds of the talented street performers while you’re there.

Get Caffeinated At Starbucks Reserve

My friends and me at Starbucks Reserve just last week!

Starbucks Reserve in Seattle is one of our favorite coffee-drinking spots – rain or shine. It’s honestly a super fun experience for coffee lovers!

They offer exclusive, small-batch coffees from around the world as well as custom brewing techniques not usually found in regular Starbucks shops.

I love that they give out info cards with your order so you can learn more about the coffee you’re drinking!

The baristas take their craft seriously and are passionate and super friendly every time we go there.

I definitely recommend splurging for their tastings!

They have an extensive menu of handcrafted drinks, including espresso drinks and several seasonal beverages. Plus, their in-house bakery, Princi, offers really yummy foods to go with your coffee! 

Visit a Few Seattle Coffee Shops

Seattle and coffee go hand in hand. It’s no wonder the city is brimming with amazing coffee shops.

Energize yourself with a freshly brewed espresso from the original Starbucks, or explore the inviting independent cafes strewn around the city. 

Rainy days are the perfect excuse to cozy up with a warm cup.

Raise a Glass at Local Breweries

In case you didn’t know, Seattle has a thriving craft beer scene, with a number of fantastic local breweries to choose from. 

Here are some of our favorite local breweries in Seattle:

  1. Fremont Brewing – This brewery is located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle and is known for its high-quality beers made with locally sourced ingredients. They offer a range of styles, from classic IPAs to barrel-aged stouts.
  2. Georgetown Brewing – Georgetown is a classic Seattle brewery that’s been around since 2002. Their flagship beer, Manny’s Pale Ale, is a local favorite, but they also offer a variety of other tasty brews.
  3. Stoup Brewing – Stoup is a family-owned brewery located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. They have a great selection of beers on tap, including IPAs, stouts, and lagers.
  4. Holy Mountain Brewing – Holy Mountain is a small-batch brewery located in the Interbay neighborhood of Seattle. They specialize in Belgian-style beers, and their taproom is a great spot to try something new and unique.
  5. Reuben’s Brews – Reuben’s is a popular brewery located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. They have a wide range of beers on tap, including IPAs, sours, and barrel-aged beers.

These best Seattle breweries offer you the chance to discover a dynamic range of IPAs, stouts, and more, all brewed in-house. 

Many breweries host tours and tastings too, which is a great way to learn about the city’s beer culture and unwind with friends.

Channel your inner chef and sign up for a gourmet cooking class in Seattle

Rainy days in Seattle are the perfect excuse to don an apron and expand your culinary skills! It’s definitely one of my personal favorite rainy-day activities in Seattle. I especially recommend ones with a menu of Pacific Northwest cuisine, sushi making, or Italian food. 

Here are the best cooking classes in Seattle to check out:

  1. The Pantry – The Pantry offers a wide range of cooking classes for all skill levels, including several gourmet classes. Their classes focus on seasonal, local ingredients and cover a range of cuisines, from French to Japanese.
  2. Hot Stove Society – This cooking school, located in the heart of downtown Seattle, offers a variety of classes taught by professional chefs. They have several gourmet classes on the schedule, including classes on French cuisine, seafood, and pasta making.
  3. Sur La Table – Sur La Table’s cooking classes are held in their beautiful kitchen store in downtown Seattle in the Pike Place market area. The classes are hands-on and interactive, and participants have the opportunity to work alongside the chef instructor and learn valuable cooking techniques.
  4. Blue Ribbon Cooking – Blue Ribbon Cooking offers a variety of classes, from basic cooking skills to advanced gourmet techniques. They have a beautiful kitchen and classroom space, and their instructors are knowledgeable and friendly.
  5. ChefShop – ChefShop is a gourmet food store in Seattle that also offers cooking classes. They have a range of classes focused on gourmet cooking techniques, such as making homemade pasta or cooking with truffles.

Entertainment in Seattle When It Rains

Enjoy Live Music at the Paramount Theatre

Feel the rhythm of Seattle’s vibrant live music scene, even on a rainy day! Venues like The Paramount Theatre showcase amazing live performances. 

As a bonus, you can take in the beauty of the historic building while staying dry and entertained.

Tickle Your Funny Bone with an Improv and Comedy Show

Laughter can brighten up any meteorologically dreary day. Thankfully, Seattle has a ton of improv and comedy show options for you to hit up if you’re looking for things to do in Seattle on a rainy day. 

Here are ones we recommend:

  1. Jet City Improv – Jet City Improv is a popular improv comedy theater in the University District of Seattle. They offer a variety of shows throughout the week, including their flagship show “Twisted Flicks,” which combines improv comedy with old movies.
  2. Unexpected Productions – Unexpected Productions is another popular improv comedy theater located in the heart of downtown Seattle. They offer a variety of shows, including their signature show “Theatresports,” where two teams of improvisers compete against each other in a series of games and challenges.
  3. Comedy Underground – Comedy Underground is a classic Seattle comedy club that’s been around since 1981. They host a variety of stand-up comedy shows throughout the week, featuring both local and national comedians.
  4. The Comedy Nest – The Comedy Nest is a newer comedy club located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. They host a variety of stand-up comedy shows, as well as improv and sketch comedy shows.

Catch a Flick at Movie Theaters

Grab some popcorn and immerse yourself in the world of film as you wait out the rain in Seattle.

Seattle boasts remarkable theaters ranging from indie arthouse cinemas to luxury multiplexes. So when you just feel like watching a good movie, check out one of these theaters: 

  1. SIFF Cinema – SIFF Cinema is the flagship theater of the Seattle International Film Festival, and it shows a wide range of independent and foreign films throughout the year. The theater is located in the historic Uptown neighborhood of Seattle and features comfortable seating and state-of-the-art projection and sound systems.
  2. Cinerama – Cinerama is a historic movie theater in downtown Seattle that’s been recently renovated to feature cutting-edge technology and amenities. The theater shows a mix of classic and modern films, and it’s known for its comfortable seats, large screen, and immersive sound system.
  3. The Grand Illusion Cinema – The Grand Illusion Cinema is a classic independent theater located in the University District of Seattle. The theater shows a mix of classic and contemporary independent films, and it’s known for its intimate atmosphere and friendly staff.
  4. Central Cinema – Central Cinema is a unique movie theater in the Central District of Seattle that combines film screenings with food and drink service. The theater shows a mix of classic and contemporary films, and it’s known for its comfortable seating and tasty menu.
  5. AMC Pacific Place 11 – AMC Pacific Place 11 is a modern multiplex theater located in downtown Seattle. The theater features comfortable seating, state-of-the-art projection and sound systems, and a wide range of films to choose from.

Wellness and Fitness Fun: Staying Active Indoors in Rainy Seattle

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t stay active and feel great in Seattle. Let’s dive into some awesome wellness and fitness activities you can do indoors.

Go Indoor Rock Climbing

First off, indoor rock climbing is an absolute blast! It’s an adrenaline-pumping way to challenge yourself and get a full-body workout. 

You’ll find several excellent indoor rock climbing gyms in the Seattle area. We recommend the Seattle Bouldering Project

It’s a popular indoor rock climbing gym located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. It features a massive climbing area with over 17,000 square feet of climbing surface, including bouldering walls, top rope and lead climbing walls.

Improve Your Flexibility with Yoga 

Namaste! Yoga is a fantastic way to stretch, strengthen, and relax your body and mind. 

Seattle has a diverse array of yoga studios where you can practice your downward dog and perfect your tree pose. 

Find one that matches your vibe, and let the rain outside enhance your mindful experience on the mat.

Take the Day Off & Treat Yourself at a Seattle Spa

Feel the need to treat yourself? Rainy days are perfect for indulging in some self-care at a spa. 

From soothing massages and rejuvenating facials to calming aromatherapy sessions, going to a spa in Seattle can help you embrace the best parts of a rainy day.

Personally, I love the Elaia Spa located in the Hyatt at Olive 8 hotel. They offer a luxurious spa experience in the heart of downtown Seattle, complete with a variety of services, including massages, facials, body treatments, and a steam room. The spa uses organic and natural products too.

Unique Experiences in Seattle For When It Rains

Revisit your childhood at Seattle Pinball Museum

Another thing you can do in Seattle when it rains is to enjoy a couple of hours of fun at the Seattle Pinball Museum.

Here, you can play on over 50 classic and modern pinball machines. Grab some tokens and start flipping!

Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality Arcades

Experience cutting-edge gaming at one of Seattle’s many virtual reality arcades. This is for you if you love the idea of diving into immersive worlds where you do things like defy gravity!

Check out Portal VR Arcade or Virtual Sports for exciting options.

Head to Flatstick Pub for Games & Drinks

Flatstick Pub is another fun activity to do in Seattle when it rains.

You can play a round of mini-golf while enjoying local craft beers and delicious food, all while staying dry indoors. A perfect blend of entertainment and refreshments for you and your friends.

Participate in Glassblowing Workshops

Another fun thing to do in Seattle when it rains is to discover a hot new hobby.. aka by attending a glassblowing workshop at studios like Glassybaby or Seattle Glassblowing Studio!

Use your creativity to make your own glass art to take home – it’s surprisingly fun 🙂

Pay a Visit to the Aquarium

Visit the Seattle Aquarium for a family-friendly activity in Seattle when it rains outside. While some walking paths of the aquarium do lead outside, you can still explore most of it while staying dry.

We enjoyed exploring the marine life of the Pacific Northwest and learning about conservation efforts in the region. A fun escape for both kids and adults!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about rainy days in Seattle:

What month does it stop raining in Seattle?

Seattle tends to have less rainfall during the summer months, specifically, late June to September. However, it’s important to note that the city’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s wise to always be prepared for rain.

What activities can you do when it’s raining in Seattle?

There are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy in Seattle, such as:

These are just a few of the many options available for rainy day activities in Seattle.

Why does Seattle have a reputation for rain?

Seattle has a reputation for rain because it experiences precipitation on approximately 150 days per year, often in the form of drizzle or light showers. 

The city’s location in the Pacific Northwest also contributes to the prevalence of overcast and damp weather throughout much of the year.

Why does it rain a lot in Seattle?

Seattle experiences a high volume of precipitation due in part to its location between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains. 

Moisture-laden air from the ocean moves inland, where it encounters the Cascades and is forced to rise. As the air rises, it cools and releases moisture in the form of rain or snow.

What is the rainiest day of the year in Seattle?

Historically, the rainiest day of the year in Seattle tends to be in December, with an average of around 5.6 inches of rain during the month. However, the specific date varies from year to year.

What is the rainiest city in Seattle?

Seattle is not a city with neighborhoods that differ in rainfall. However, if you are looking for the rainiest city in Washington state, it would be Forks, which receives an average of over 100 inches of rain per year.

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